Hear Kool Keith team up with hardcore unit Thetan for mind-blowing LP

Hip-hop icon Kool Keith teaming up with a powerviolence hardcore unit from Nashville? We’re all in! Today Altpress is premiering Space Goretex, the stellar full-length collaboration of rugged duo Thetan with one of rap’s enduring masters.
“This album continues where my earlier classic albums left off,” says Kool Keith about Space Goretex. “You can play this in the year 2088.”
The band are aided and abetted by a rogues gallery of hip-hop, metal and punk types on Space Goretex. Joining the trio are Gangsta Boo (Three 6 Mafia), Casey Orr (Gwar, X-Cops), Dwarves’ founder Blag Dahlia, Ashley Mae (Lost Dog Street Band) and DJ Black Cat Sylvester (inventor of the Synth-Table).

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“This album may seem like a complete left turn in terms of the faster, heavier stuff we normally do,” says Thetan vocalist/bassist Dan Emery. “but it was a very natural process for us. We had been making odd interludes and psyched-out weird passages for years. We actually had planned to do an album completely based on that style back in 2014, but it got shelved. The music on Space Goretex was more of an exploration of that concept mixed with the ideas that Kool Keith brought to the table. It way surpassed my expectations.”
The full-length collaboration follows up Kool Keith and Thetan’s “Complicated Trip” single from Record Store Day 2019. Bass, drums, theremin and synthesizers congeal for a weird trip for these purveyors of the extreme. It’s a perfect extension of Kool Keith’s many personas (Dr. Octagon, Dr. Dooom, Black Elvis) and a massive departure for Thetan.
Space Goretex comes out this Friday, April 10. We think you really need it in your life, and you may get it here. Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments below.