The four original members of Korn are reportedly suing their former drummer, David Silveria, after the ex-bandmate apparently breached an exit contract he had with the band by attempting to collect undue royalties, The Blast reports.

Royalties are payments that go to copyright holders for the use of their intellectual property. In this case, music royalties are periodically paid to Korn for the use of their songs on the radio and streaming services, movies and TV, etc.

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In court documents, Korn's Jonathan DavisBrian Welch ("Head"), James Shaffer ("Munky") and Reginald Arvizu ("Fieldy") claim they reached an agreement with Silveria in 2016 that paid him a lump sum in lieu of future royalties.

This was after Korn first revealed Silveria's departure from the band back in December 2006. However, soon after that announcement, the dismissed musician claimed that he "had not been getting paid properly" by the act, per The Blast.

Korn sued back, and the two sides apparently tangled in the legal arena until the 2016 agreement was reached. However, things went south when Silveria reportedly tried to collect on Korn royalties last year, thereby violating his agreement:

"But in July 2018, the band claims Silveria contacted SoundExchange (the company that handled royalty payments) and claimed he was entitled to his cut. The band says they contacted Silveria to tell him this was in direct violation of the settlement agreement he reached and to withdraw his claim to SoundExchange."

Apparently, Silveria has yet to withdraw the claim from SoundExchange. In response, SoundExchange has reportedly placed a hold on all payouts related to Korn. Due to this, the band say they've so far lost $290,000 in royalty payments.

Korn are suing Silveria for breach of contract, and they seek a ruling that bars Silveria from collecting any further royalties, according to the report. Drummer Ray Luzier replaced Silveria in 2007, playing his first show with Korn in 2008.

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