We Came As Romans vocalist Kyle Pavone was known for taking joy wherever he went and lighting up whatever room he was in. 

More than just a co-vocalist in his band, Pavone managed to put smiles on everybody’s faces. Since his passing, the singer’s legacy lives on with tributes, posthumous releases and a new charity in his name along with bandmates, family and friends making sure his life isn’t forgotten.

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1. Kyle Pavone Foundation


After sharing the news of his passing, We Came As Romans stated they would be providing information so donations could go to a charity. Pavone’s family later announced a new organization in the singer’s name. “The Kyle Pavone Foundation is a promise to serve and advocate for the musician community in their time of greatest need, providing hope and a means to carry on,” the website states.

2. Fans remember

From getting heartfelt tattoos of the words he sang to posting photos and videos of him on social media, his fanbase will make sure his name is a constant and never forgotten.

3. We Came As Romans

Pavone joined WCAR in 2008 and went on to be included on every album and EP since. The band announced they had no plans to replace him, opting to continue as a five-piece outfit. “We wrote those songs together, and they’re still my songs as well, but it’s weird even for me singing his parts,” vocalist Dave Stephens says. “I’m sure it’s kind of strange to the fans and the band, but I can’t imagine how much more strange it would be to have someone else singing them permanently.”

4. Beartooth 

Shortly after Pavone’s passing, Beartooth frontman Caleb Shomo gave an emotional speech about mental health. The band kicked off the Disease tour in WCAR’s home state of Michigan in mid-September. Shomo, who has been open about his personal struggles in the past, offered support and hope for those who may be struggling while honoring his friend. The band then dedicated the title track from their last album to the late frontman with Shomo asking their fans to “sing so loud he hears it up in fucking heaven.”

5. Jauz’s track with Pavone

Shortly after the tragic death of the WCAR frontman, Jauz released a new song featuring Pavone. “Every time I listen to ‘Frequency,’ I’ll be able to hear Kyle talking to me,” Jauz tells AP. “Every time I play it at a show, I’ll be able to see him walking on top of the crowd just like he did at so many WCAR shows and at my first show I played in Detroit. It’s gonna hurt really fucking bad at first, but knowing that I have something to remember and feel connected to him with for the rest of my life means so much to me.”

6. The Word Alive honored Pavone during a performance


The Word Alive gave an onstage tribute to Pavone, dedicating “Misery” to the late singer. Lit up by the lights from the audiences’ cellphones, the band proceeded to give a poignant performance of the track. “It is with a heavy heart that I do this, because it makes it real,” frontman Telle Smith tweeted.

7. Promise Me Tribute show

WCAR honored the memory of their vocalist with the Promise Me Tribute show Oct. 28, 2018, which took place in their hometown of Detroit at the Fillmore. It served as a fundraiser for the Kyle Pavone Foundation and was a “big party celebrating all the awesome things Kyle did in his life.” Guests included Set It Off’s Cody Carson, August Burns Red’s Jake Luhrs, Memphis May Fire’s Matty Mullins, I Prevail’s Eric Vanlerberghe, Born Of Osiris, For Today and Nick Sampson.

8. Kayzo dropped a collab track with Pavone on his new album

Hayden Capuozzo, also known as DJ and producer Kayzo, recently dropped Unleashed which featured a track Pavone recorded vocals for. “The collaboration with Hayden was a professional milestone,” Pavone’s father Vince explains. “Kyle always wanted to fuse metal with electronic music. The fact that he was able to participate on such an important album was a dream come true for Kyle.”

9. Kayzo honored Pavone at Coachella

Before the official release of “LA Never Says Goodbye,” Kayzo had the opportunity to play the track at Coachella. Images of Pavone flashed across the screen as the track echoed throughout the venue. “Thank you @kayzomusic for providing us this opportunity to showcase his talent & impact,” the Kyle Pavone Foundation posted on Facebook. “What an incredible gift you left us.”

10. Pavone to be featured on new WCAR album

WCAR are currently working on new music and will be including posthumous recordings of Pavone on the record as much as possible. “He was always writing, and I’m pretty sure he gave Lou [Cotton, guitarist] a few different things he wrote,” Stephens states. “We’re gonna try and get into his laptop, too, ’cause I’m sure he had just files and files and files of stuff there, too. So that’s a goal. We would love to include him in this record as much as we can, aside from just writing about him.”

For those who would like to donate to the Kyle Pavone Foundation, you can do so by donating a specified amount on the site, texting  “Support KYLE” to 20222 or you can send checks or money orders to the following:

The Kyle Pavone Foundation/BCCF
32 West Michigan Ave. Suite 1
Battle Creek, MI 49017