Richmond, Virginia's Lamb Of God didn't become a worldwide metal success by phoning it in. No effin' way. In this special APTV oral history interview, guitarist Mark Morton is graciously forthcoming. He discusses all of their records, from their "dumb innocence" as Burn The Priest to their recently released self-titled album.

Lamb Of God's story is both enlightening and entertaining. "I don't think we found a sound that we would commit to forever," Morton says regarding their evolution. There's a big learning curve from making a record in three days for $1500 to major-label budgets. Here Morton details all the stories (and the lessons) behind the making of all the records. "What you hear on this new album is the sound of a band that feels confident and comfortable where we are," Morton says. "And it took a lot for us to get here, collectively and individually."

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Morton's observations are both historical and heartfelt. At several junctures, he addresses the business and the scene Lamb of God came up through. "There was no lesson, there was no book to read, there was no mentor reaching down to us. We just had to figure it out." Obviously Lamb Of God figured it out, but not at the expense of their soul. Morton makes some commentary about the competitive nature of bands in the industry realizing that "what was good for one of us was good for all of us. You hear a lot of success and victories and a lot of troubles and challenges, too."

Eight albums in, and their tungsten-hard riffage and powerful exhortations are like no one else's. This APTV oral history of Lamb Of God reveals that their passion and philosophy are one of a kind, as well.