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Captions are imperative for a bomb AF Instagram post, and alternative dream-pop band LANY can help you craft a cool and accurate description — while also ensuring mass likes.

LANY’s songs—from faves like “ILYSB” to “Made In Hollywood”—are vivid and descriptive, pairing perfectly with a plethora of random moments you capture or emotions you are feeling. Their lyrics double as Instagram-worthy captions.

If you’re over cheesy puns and emoji sets, but are interested in pasting some fresh lyrics into the caption space, look no further. From selfies and #OOTD posts to vacation pics and #WCW dedications, here is some inspiration from LANY lovers on Insta. 

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“Get ya under pink skies/I know exactly where we should go” — “pink skies”


Get ya under pink skies I know exactly where we should go ���� // @thisislany

A post shared by Hannah Ann (@hannah70x7) on

Naturally, the opening line of the “pink skies” chorus is perfect for a sunset photo.

“You are my number one, baby/I like you lots”“like you lots”


��// you are my number one, baby, I like you lots

A post shared by Kristen �� (@kritt10) on

Shout out your fave — whether it’s a band member, a pet or significant other — with this sweet line. Save it to use on a #WCW or #MCM post. They will love it.

Left flowers on the floor “Flowers On The Floor”


left flowers on the floor

A post shared by haley stoffers (@h.dog1) on

Could be used for a photo of flowers literally on the floor — like, a trail of romantic rose petals or a bouquet left haphazardly by a trash can. This works for anything floral, honestly.

“Waking up to nothing when you're super far from home” “Super Far”


waking up to nothing when you're super far from home

A post shared by charlotte cunningham (@lottie.cunningham) on

Great lyric to use as a caption when you are actually “super-far from home” (vacation, work trip, school, etc.), but it could also accompany an artistic nature shot or abstract photo if you are trying to convey feelings of distance and loneliness to your followers.

“You've stolen my heart and run it over” “BRB”


you've stolen my heart and run it over.

A post shared by alicia (@alicia_patton) on

Appropriate to use with a photo that features a vehicle or a road. Very fitting if you are feeling crushed over a love situation and want to express some bummed feels via lyric caption.

Orange through the blinds, the sun is almost down” “Made In Hollywood”


orange through the blinds the sun is almost down ������ i miss venice a lot ��

A post shared by LANY worshipper ♀ (@pinkskieslilly) on

Yet another good lyric for a picture taken during the golden hour — envision the sun peeking through blinds at sunset or a beautiful beachscape. Or, it could also be used on an image that primarily features the color orange, sans a sunset.

“Wear our shades on our nose ‘cause we're cool like that” “Made In Hollywood”


wear our shades on our nose cause we're cool like that

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For those selfies where you’re rocking some serious sunnies, of course.