Hit single? Or hard-rockin' mission statement? Click it and see, as AltPress premieres "Miss Anything," the new video from Delaware/Maryland/Virginia rock unit Last Kiss Goodnight.

The band formed two years ago, releasing their debut album Immortal in early October last year. Their first single “Love Separation” made significant inroads on various Billboard charts and the band have enjoyed some sweet opening slots in front of bands as diverse as Papa Roach and Good Charlotte.

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Last Kiss Goodnight frontman Ray Patrick wanted the video to explore the audio-verité worlds of the recording studio and the live setting.

“When writing the words and melodies for ‘Miss Anything,’ I was listening to a lot of Willie Nelson,” he says. “More specifically, Willie’s song ‘On The Road Again.’ To me, Last Kiss Goodnight feel like that traveling band that Willie was/is singing about in [that song]. I was also watching a lot of sci-fi at the time, so I think I subconsciously married the two aspects. We wanted to document the beginning stages of our journey. So we took our studio experience and live show and put them together.”

"The video for 'Miss Anything' is a special one for us, as it documents the beginning of our journey from the studio to the stage to the sold-out record-release party," drummer Robert Lasky says. "Metaphorically, 'Miss Anything' is the band's happy place and is about taking this music as far as it can go. It’s about closing one door and walking through another, without worry or regret. Go forward: You’re not going to miss anything."

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Last Kiss Goodnight will fit nicely on your playlists between Stone Temple Pilots, Alice In Chains and Three Days Grace. If you're unwinding at the end of your work shift or running the clock until the bartender tells you to leave, Last Kiss Goodnight will always have your back. Check out "Miss Anything" below.