It’s finally Halloween, and some of you have probably known what you were going to be since July. However, not all of us are that prepared, so here’s some last-minute inspiration for the procrastinators among us. From Riverdale to Brendon Urie, you’d be amazed at the stuff you can quickly pull together from your own closet or the closest thrift store.

1. Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco’s “Emperor’s New Clothes” video

What you need: black pants, black shirt, black body paint, fangs and devil horns

2. The Weird Sisters from The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

What you need: dark dress, white lace collar, dark lipstick and hair slicked back or braided

3. Trench era twenty one pilots

What you need: camo or dark green clothing, yellow duct tape, yellow bandana

4. Josie And The Pussycats from Riverdale

What you need: cat ears, microphone

5. Zombie Awsten Knight from Waterparks’ “We Need To Talk” video

What you need: black boots, black jeans, white crew neck, temporary purple hair dye, face paint, white contacts

5. Rick from Rick And Morty

What you need: khaki pants, brown belt, blue shirt, white lab coat, temporary blue hair dye

6. Gerard Way from “Baby You’re A Haunted House” video

What you need: skeleton mask (or face paint), black pants, white shirt, black tie, black jacket

7. Punk Eleven from Stranger Things

What you need: heavy eyeliner, slicked back hair, white shoes, white socks, baggy/rolled jeans, black shirt, black jacket

8. Halsey from the “Bad At Love” video

What you need: red dress, leather jacket, gold hoops, red bandana

9. Beverly Marsh from It

What you need: red tank top, khaki jumper, key necklace, brown belt

10. Hayley Williams from Paramore’s “Hard Times” video

What you need: red shirt, blue and yellow eye makeup, white sunglasses