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Laura Jane Grace drops kaleidoscopic "SuperNatural Possession" video

Laura Jane Grace is back with another captivating visual from her debut solo album Stay Alive. On Tuesday, she shared a psychedelic video for “SuperNatural Possession” which was created by Network 77’s Rachel Lichtman.

The trippy new video gives the upbeat pop-rock track a technicolor dreamscape that is sure to hypnotize viewers.

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For the “SuperNatural Possession” video, Grace appears in front of a chaotic projection of various images and shapes. Eventually, the Against Me! vocalist’s appearance is manipulated as she continues to passionately sing the song with three eyes and even multiple heads. The colorful visual gives “SuperNatural Possession” a psychedelic flair while showcasing the emotions and energy Grace injected into the guitar-heavy track.

As it turns out, there was one specific element of filming the video that Grace found incredibly difficult.

“The most stressful part of making this video was getting all the wrinkles and creases out of the green screen,” Grace says on Twitter. “I had never ironed a green screen prior. I have some leftover head shots of me in front of said green screen if anyone wants to have fun with.”

The “SuperNatural Possession” video is available to watch below.

Back in October, Grace surprise-released Stay Alive after the global pandemic impacted her plans with Against Me! and Laura Jane Grace And The Devouring Mothers. Back in February 2020, Against Me! announced their plans to tour across North America with Baroness, Destroy Boys and Drug Church in the spring. However, the tour was canceled along with a slew of other events and shows last year.

As it turns out, Grace had no plans to release a solo album in 2020. In fact, Against Me! were planning to record a follow-up to 2016’s Shape Shift With Me. Before the pandemic hit, the band had been working on new material in the studio.

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“We came home from the Against Me! tour we were on in March [with Stef Chura] and right before we left, we had been in the studio working on songs. I had been working on them for months prior,” Grace says in a press release. “I sat around for a month-and-a-half at a home just being shell-shocked being like, ‘What the fuck happened and what the fuck is happening with the world?’”

As the COVID-19 pandemic continued to unfold, Grace had to decide whether to wait and release the songs with Against Me! or find another way for the world to hear them. In the end, she chose the latter.

“As I started to get my bearings, I just came to the realization that waiting was going to kill the record and kill the songs,” she says in a press release. “I spent two years working on all these songs, and the idea of throwing them away didn’t sit well with me. But then I was like, ‘What am I waiting for?’ All I have to do is adjust my scope. I can sit here on my fucking ass and do nothing, or I can work.”

Eventually, Grace found herself working alongside Steve Albini (Nirvana, Frank Iero And The Future Violents) at Electrical Audio. Over the course of a few days, Grace recorded the songs she had written onto an analog tape. As a result, Stay Alive was created, an album that Grace decided to make entirely for herself.

“I just want to put this out because it makes me feel alive and it’s giving me something better than sitting here losing my mind while the world falls apart,” she says in a press release. “It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about what you do. Just stay alive.”

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Stay Alive presents a raw sound that holds true to how Grace played the songs when she wrote them in her home. With her distinct songwriting front and center, Stay Alive was recorded with nothing but an acoustic guitar, a drum machine and Grace’s signature vocals. As a result, the album is filled with unfiltered personal anecdotes that offer insight into the emotions and thoughts inside Grace’s head.

Along with “SuperNatural Possession,” Grace has put out two other striking Stay Alive visuals over the past few months. All the way back in December, she dropped the haunting video for “The Swimming Pool Song,” the opening track to Stay Alive

The video features an individual (portrayed by poet Hannah Gamble) soaked in blood and being chased through an ominous field by a masked figure. However, when the menacing figure catches up to them, they unexpectedly begin laughing maniacally. 

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Shortly after this, Grace also dropped a moody black-and-white video for “Blood & Thunder.” The visual includes footage that was all shot by Grace as she traveled through Chicago, where she currently resides, during a cloudy evening sometime last year.

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