Laura Stevenson and the Cans have begun working on a new full-length and already have four songs recorded, according to a new interview:

"Bobby: A month ago you guys posted that you were recording organ tracks for a new demo – can you tell us anything about that?

Laura:  We recorded four songs. We’ve been working on our new record and we just kind of wanted an idea of where we wanted to go and what instrumentation we wanted to use and we wanted to have a cleaner version of the songs that we just had practice recordings off. It was good. It really helps you find direction. You can work from the demos and decide what production choices you want to make. It’s important to do demos.

Bobby: So you said you have four songs done – what’s the plan for the new album?

Laura: Well, we have most of the record written but those four are just the four that we felt we had the tightest and the time that we wanted to record them. We recorded them with Jeff from Bomb The Music Industry! right before he left for Australia. So we were kind of pressed for time so “let’s just do this.”

Bobby: So just do a few songs – not all of them.

Laura: Yeah, do the few that we know that we can do in like two takes.

Bobby: So are you going to hook up with Jeff again when you go do the full album?

Laura: For the record? I’m not sure. I don’t know how much time he has. We were looking at studios in upstate New York. Just really nice recording spaces that are in a very pastoral setting, kind of away from the city."

The band last released Sit Resist in 2011 via Don Giovanni Records.