Former Fifth Harmony member Lauren Jauregui teamed up with Teen Vogue for their “The Playlist Of My Life” video series. She picked some major girl power anthems from the likes of Lana Del Rey, Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys.

However, one track in particular stuck out as she selected Paramore’s “Pressure.”

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“This whole album, All We Know Is Falling, was the soundtrack of my seventh grade,” she explains. “This song particularly, yo, a girl was struggling in school. I was always in honor classes, so I always had a lot of homework and a lot of shit going on. Yeah, this song, I would blast it.

“The whole thing, it’s like super rock, and when you hear it, you’ll be like, ‘Really, in seventh grade?’”

But honestly, same. Because who didn’t rock out to Paramore growing up (and every single day now)?

Paramore weren’t the only ones on her seventh grade playlist, however, as she also added in Boys Like Girls. “I also just realized that Boys like Girls and Paramore were all I listened to in 7th grade.. #notevensorry.” she tweeted in 2013.

This isn’t the first time Jauregui talked about her love of the band, revealing she’s “a rock chick at heart” as bands such as them and the 1975 regularly fill her playlist. There are also various clips of her covering “The Only Exception.”

She also really dug the band’s self-titled, writing “I have Paramore's new album on repeat all day everyday, and I suggest to you all that you do the same..sooo good.”

She even went so far as to say they’re her favorite band, having kicked off her most recent birthday weekend by catching their performance.

Check out Jauregui talking about Paramore with Teen Vogue below.