It looks like Lil Peep fans were in for quite a surprise after a recent announcement via the late rapper's Instagram.

It looks like we'll get to hear those unreleased tracks after all.

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Taking to Instagram, Peep's mom Liza revealed an album would be released with the artist's unreleased tracks.

The album will be put together by Liza and the song's original collaborators.

"Who wants a new album with amazing unreleased Lil Peep music put together by Gus's mom and the song's original collaborators? You have been asking for this, and I can't wait to get it to you!"

The post was signed by Peep's mom.


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Just a few days ago, blink-182 drummer Travis Barker debuted his remix of Lil Peep‘s track “Falling Down” featuring XXXTENTACION.

Barker began teasing the remix on his Instagram the other day, stating “This ones for @xxxtentacion and @lilpeep ?? “Falling Down” remix coming Thursday”

One fan was quick to point out the similarities between the remix snippet and blink’s track, “Adam’s Song” to which Barker replied:

“Drums very inspired by Adams Song, I wrote those parts”

Barker posted a short video discussing the Lil Peep remix and how he was inspired by the older blink track.

“I still really, really love the original. It just puts you in a mood, you know? You never listen with those ears like, ‘what if I was gonna remix this?’ but you just hear the potential of so many other things it could be.”

You can watch the full video below.


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“XXX and Peep were two of my favorite artists,” Barker says in a statement about the release. “Both changed music in their own way. Having the opportunity to put my spin on ‘Falling Down’ was truly an honor. From the first time I heard the song I loved it. The true challenge was how could I manage to make it better…I’m really proud of what came out of that.”

Check out Barker’s remix of “Falling Down” below.

Are you excited for a new Lil Peep album of unreleased music? Sound off in the comments below!

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