lil uzi vert, grimes
[Photos by: Lil Uzi Vert/YouTube, Grimes/Spotify]

Grimes and Lil Uzi Vert set plans to get Elon Musk's Neuralink brain chip

If you thought rapper Lil Uzi Vert was done putting things in his head, you would be sorely mistaken.

The artist made waves last week when he showed off his brand-new pink diamond that was inserted into the middle of his forehead costing him $24 million, sharing that it’s the most expensive item he’s purchased in his lifetime.

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It turns out, he has more to add to his head and he has a friend to do it with. In a social media exchange, it was discovered that Lil Uzi and Grimes have made tentative plans to get chips in their brains together.

On Feb. 6, Lil Uzi simply tweeted out “NEURALINK” along with a bat and diamond emoji. This, of course, referencing Elon Musk’s technology introduced in 2019 that connects the human brain to the devices around it.

The Neuralink site said, “We’re designing the first neural implant that will let you control a computer or mobile device anywhere you go. Micron-scale threads are inserted into areas of the brain that control movement. Each thread contains many electrodes and connects them to an implant, the Link.”

In fact, the site also states that engineers will have to create a robot so surgeons can implant the device precisely.

In response to Lil Uzi’s tweet, singer and Musk’s girlfriend Grimes responded with, “Let’s get brain chips,” to which he responded, “I’m ready when we doing it?”

In a follow-up tweet, Grimes said the two should aim for 2022 and made sure to note that “it’s experimental surgery but if it succeeds we’ll have the knowledge of the Gods haha,” and Lil Uzi was on board as of Feb. 7.

Grimes shared Feb. 8 that the two could talk “around tomorrow.”

At this point in time, the Neuralink chip has been tested on animals, including a monkey, who apparently used the technology to play video games with their mind.

It seems as if Lil Uzi and Grimes might become human test subjects in Musk’s still-developing brain technology.

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