It looks like Travis Barker is back at it with another collaboration. This week, TikTok star Chase Hudson aka LILHUDDY unveiled his second single "The Eulogy Of You And Me."

The new pop-punk track is not only co-written by Barker, but the blink-182 drummer also produced the single.

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If you are having a hard time keeping up with Travis Barker's recent collaborations, you're not alone. Along with working on blink-182's new release, Barker has also teamed up with various artists for some special new collaborations. Last month, he joined forces with Jason Aalon Butler for FEVER 333's "WRONG GENERATION" video.

As well, he is featured on Escape The Fate's new single "Not My Problem" and KennyHoopla's "ESTELLA//." Of course, let's not forget he is also teasing something Box Car Racer related with Tom DeLonge. Barker even has a new collab on the way with Tyler Posey and phem that's due out next month.

Now, Barker is joining forces with LILHUDDY for an exciting new song. On Thursday, LILHUDDY unveiled an eerie new video for "The Eulogy Of You And Me." The single follows up his debut song "21st Century Vampire" which was released earlier this year. Along with producing the track, Barker also co-wrote the song alongside LILHUDDY, Nick Long, Jake Torrey and Andrew Goldstein.

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“We’ve all experienced heartbreak from a toxic relationship at one point or another," LILHUDDY says about the song. "That feeling of relief once you put an end to that relationship is so freeing. This song is a way for me to connect with my fans on a more personal level and I hope they sing it at the top of their lungs whenever they’re going through that type of situation. I am so excited to release my second single and I cannot wait for everyone to hear it!”

"The Eulogy Of You And Me" video is centered around LILHUDDY's wedding which ends up doubling as a funeral. After kissing his new bride, the ground below the married couple opens up and reveals a whole new world where they can relive memories from their relationship. In the end, the spooky visual ends on a surprising note fans probably won't be expecting.

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"The Eulogy Of You And Me" marks LILHUDDY and Barker's first collaboration since Downfalls High. The musical film, which was directed by Machine Gun Kelly and MOD SUN, made its debut earlier in January and is inspired by Tickets To My Downfall. LILHUDDY stars in the film and even plays in a band alongside Barker's actual son Landon.

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