[Photo by: limecrimemakeup/Instagram, Lime Crime]

Lime Crime is here to save the day for brunettes who want rainbow hair—but don’t want to use the bleach.

Introducing: The brand’s Dark Unicorn collection.

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After working on the formula for three years (!!), Lime Crime have launched four new dyes in the magical AF collection that is meant specifically for brunettes with medium to light brown hair.

Give a blue-orange Sea Witch a go—or maybe a pink-purple Chestnut. Let’s not forget the silvery Charcoal and the deep purple Squid.

The dyes are both vegan and semi-permanent, meaning they are somewhat longer lasting. (Not to mention, they’re cruelty free!) Plus, they officially launch today, meaning you can get your hands on them now.

They’re available for $16 each here. Your rainbow hair awaits.

We have to ask: Which hair color will you be trying out? Let us know in the comments below!

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