Because only the best stuff happens when Limp Bizkit break out their year 2000 hit "Break Stuff," guitarist Wes Borland got lost in the mosh put when the band performed the nostalgically destructive tune at last weekend's Self Help Festival.

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As pointed out by yesterday, Borland often wanders off into the pit during the live tune. But this time around, his extended off-stage absence seemed to worry frontman Fred Durst a bit more than usual. Watch it below.

"Oh, shit," exclaims Durst at one point. "Wes, can you hear me? Is he giving me a signal? Everybody take it down, everybody get down until this motherfucker kicks in, I can't see Wes. What the fuck is he doing in the mosh pit?"

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The vocalist then asks for some search assistance from the house lights: "I gotta see. You guys, please. Please be careful, alight? Be careful. Spread out. Bring it down, bring it down. OK, I see him now. I'm going anyway, I don't give a fuck."

And while the early-aughties nü-metal act continue touring, Limp Bizkit's most recent full-length album was 2011's Cold Cobra. It's long-promised followup, Stampede Of The Disco Elephants, remains as absent as the woolly mammoth.

What do you think of Wes Borland's latest mid-performance mosh pit experience? Did you attend the Self Help Fest last week? Sound off in the comments, below, and let us know if it's just one of those days when ya don't wanna wake up.

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