Linkin Park are currently celebrating the 20th anniversary of their debut album Hybrid Theory.

Now, Bring Me The Horizon are joining in on the festivities and revealing how the 2000 album continues to influence them today.

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On Oct. 9, Linkin Park unveiled the Hybrid Theory 20th Anniversary Edition. The box set includes rarities, unheard demos and other songs from their time recording Hybrid Theory. Even 20 years later, the album still continues to inspire artists of all different genres including Bring Me The Horizon.

Over the past few months, BMTH have given fans a taste of their new music with the single "Parasite Eve" and their YUNGBLUD collab "Obey." Currently, Bring Me The Horizon are working on their next release Post Human. The album is compiled of four EPs the band plan to put out separately.

Following the release of "Parasite Eve" in June, Oli Sykes elaborated on Post Human's concept.

“They’ll each be totally different with their own sound and mood,” he said.“That’s one thing we’ve never really done. There’s often been an over-arching theme on our records, but the music has always felt like a collage. That’s cool and I like it, but sometimes you want a soundtrack for a certain occasion and emotion.”

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Now, Jordan Fish has revealed that some of their new music may have a Linkin Park influence to it. To help celebrate Hybrid Theory, Fish opened up to NME on how Linkin Park and their debut album has inspired Bring Me The Horizon.

He says that Hybrid Theory is “the ultimate combination of rock music with electronics, hip-hop and pop-influences." As well, it joins Deftones' White Pony as one of his most influential albums.

While writing and recording for Post Human, Fish says he often turns to Linkin Park for a sense of inspiration.

“Even with the record we’re doing right now, we still reference them," he says. "They’re one of those bands that I always have in the back of my mind when we’re thinking about where a song should go next. It’s the Bible for heavy, catchy music that combines electronic and pop music, which is our brief. They just covered so much ground and did it with such class on that album.”

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For Fish especially, the Hybrid Theory era is particularly important to him as a Linkin Park fan. Even though the record has songs that are family-friendly, listeners still have plenty of moments to get their emotions out.

“Linkin Park weren’t really a macho band, were they? It was rebellious, but they still had universal songs like ‘In The End’ that your mum could enjoy on the radio," Fish says. "A lot of songs from that era were straight-up ‘Fuck everyone!’ bro anger, but Linkin Park were a lot more emo and introspective. They didn’t have that silly aggression that a lot of nu metal bands had; they were talking about depression.”

Linkin Park's full Hybrid Theory 20th Anniversary Edition is available to stream below.

Are you ready to hear Bring Me The Horizon's new music? How has Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory inspired you? Let us know in the comments below.