After the heavy blow of Chester Bennington's tragic death last year, and the foggy future it created for Linkin Park, it's a nice reminder to think back to when the influential alt-rockers were just a bunch of young musicians hashing it out onstage.

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And, thanks to the magic of old fan footage and YouTube, we can now relive one of those glorious concert moments. Watch the complete, grainy live video of Linkin Park rocking Phoenix venue The Mason Jar, way back in the year 2000, below.

It's a stunning document of a talented band on the come-up, as pointed out by Rock Sound. Especially considering the group's Mason Jar gig took place in August 2000, two months before the release of their debut album, Hybrid Theory.

And the concert 18 years ago may have even been considered a local gig for Bennington, as the late musician was born and raised in the Arizona capital, despite the other Linkin Park members hailing from the Los Angeles County area.

The venue itself is somewhat regionally historic, especially for bands about to blow up nationally: Nirvana played there in 1990, a year before the culture-shifting Nevermind was unleashed onto a naively unsuspecting rock music audience.

And the Mason Jar lives on today, albeit under new ownership as a retooled The Rebel Lounge, and continues to promote emerging bands and artists. It's currently owned and operated by longtime Arizona concert promoter Psyko Steve.

What do you think of the throwback Linkin Park live vid? Check out the full setlist, and sound off in the comments section!


1. "Papercut"
2. "Forgotten"
3. "Points Of Authority"
4. "With You"
5. "Runaway"
6. "And One"
7. "In The End"
8. "A Place For My Head"
9. "One Step Closer"

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