Hear Chester Bennington on a vocals-only track for the Linkin Park song "One More Light" thanks to a recently upload YouTube video that will give you chills.

YouTube channel Linkin Park Songs has removed the instrumentation from the track, leaving just Bennington's vocals.

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"One More Light" comes from the band's seventh studio album of the same name. It was the last Linkin Park album to feature Bennington before his death by suicide in 2017.

The isolated vocals track appeared on YouTube a few days ago, allowing you to fully appreciate the power, emotion and passion in Bennington's voice.

Check out the incredible video below.

“One More Light” was not intended to be a single, but after fans gravitated to it in the wake of Bennington's passing, the band decided to make a video for the track. The official video features clips of Bennington and the rest of the band throughout the years. The video was directed by Linkin Park's Joe Hahn and videographer Mark Fiore. Check it out below.

“It has been incredibly emotional to work on this, and especially to watch it,” Hahn says about the video. “I feel that by doing it, we not only faced some of our biggest fears, but it enabled us to use our talents to bring some light to people who need it. As we move forward to the Hollywood Bowl show and beyond, I think about the people who connect with the band, outside and inside our circle. This video is a gesture of good will to the people who want that connection.”

“'One More Light' was written with the intention of sending love to those who lost someone,” Mike Shinoda adds. “We now find ourselves on the receiving end. In memorial events, art, videos and images, fans all over the world have gravitated toward this song as their declaration of love and support for the band and the memory of our dear friend, Chester. We are so very grateful and can't wait to see you again.”

Recently, Linkin Park's debut album, which was released in 2000, re-entered the album charts for the first time in two years.

The album, Hybrid Theoryjust took the 191 spot on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

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What do you think of Chester Bennington's isolated vocals on "One More Light"? Sound off in the comments below.

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