Linkin Park have been keeping fans busy with teasers, particularly with the launch of an interactive website for Hybrid Theory’s 20th anniversary this month.

Earlier this week, they released a capsule of Hybrid Theory merch. Now, the band are unleashing the latest Easter egg on the site with the announcement of a 20th anniversary box set and unreleased demo, “She Couldn’t.”

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Linkin Park started teasing their interactive website on Aug. 7, asking fans, “Anyone know anything about 20 year old computers?”

The group followed it up by sending fans to a desktop straight out of 2000 to help them “get files off” of said computer.

On Wednesday, the band dropped a screenshot of the site with an email that reads, “Hey guys, I think we’ere all set. Let’s drop the announcement tomorrow at 7 a.m. PST via WebMeeting.”

Once on the site, you can click the WebMeeting icon on the left, which launches an option to choose a room called “LP Announcement Meeting Room.”

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linkin park site

From there, you can “start” your meeting with the band, which brings up an announcement for Hybrid Theory: 20th Anniversary Edition.

In addition to the box set reveal, the band also dropped 1999 demo “She Couldn’t” from the Hybrid Theory sessions. The track first surfaced in 2009 when a fan discovered a demo CD on eBay. Since then, it has made its way to YouTube through various fan uploads over the years.

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Now, the song will appear on Forgotten Demos in the Hybrid Theory: 20th Anniversary Edition super deluxe box set. You can officially check it out now below or on Spotify.

Hybrid Theory: 20th Anniversary Edition will be available Oct. 9 via Warner Records as a super deluxe box set, super deluxe vinyl set, deluxe CD and digital version.

The super deluxe box set includes five CDs: Hybrid Theory, Reanimation, B-Side Rarities, LPU Rarities and Forgotten Demos. The aforementioned box set and a super vinyl deluxe set will also feature three LPs, which will include Hybrid Theory, Reanimation and Hybrid Theory EP. You can see the full tracklistings for each release below.

Hybrid Theory tracklisting

1. Papercut
2. One Step Closer
3. With You
4. Points of Authority
5. Crawling
6. Runaway
7. By Myself
8. In the End
9. A Place for My Head
10. Forgotten
11. Cure for the Itch
12. Pushing Me Away

Reanimation tracklisting:

1. Opening
2. Pts. OF. Athrty
3. Enth E Nd
4. [Chali}
5. Frgt/10
6. P5hng Me A*wy
7. Plc.4 Mie Haed
8. X-Ecutioner Style
9. H! Vltg3
10. [Riff Raff]
11. Wth>You
12. Ntr\Mssion
13. Ppr: Kut
14. Rnw@y
15. My<Dsmber
16. [Stef]
17. By_Myslf
18. Kyur4 th Ich
19. 1Stp Klosr
20. Krwling

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Hybrid Theory EP tracklisting

1. Carousel
2. Technique (Short)
3. Step Up
4. And One
5. High Voltage
6. Part of Me

B-Side Rarities tracklisting

1. One Step Closer (Rock Mix)
2. It’s Goin’ Down (The X-ecutioners feat Mike Shinoda & Mr. Hahn)
3. Papercut (Live from the BBC)
4. In the End (Live BBC Radio One)
5. Points of Authority (Live BBC Radio One)
6. High Voltage
7. Step Up (1999 Demo)
8. My December
9. A Place for My Head (Live at Docklands Arena, London)
10. Points of Authority (Live at Docklands Arena, London)
11. Papercut (Live at Docklands Arena, London)
12. Buy Myself Remix (Marilyn Manson)

LPU Rarities tracklisting

1. In the End (Demo)
2. Dedicated (1999 Demo)
3. With You (Live at Docklands Arena, London)
4. High Voltage (Live at Docklands Arena, London)
5. Points of Authority (Demo)
6. Stick and Move (“Runaway” Demo 1998)
7. Esaul (A Place for My Head Demo)
8. Oh No (Points of Authority Demo)
9. Slip (1998 Unreleased Hybrid Theory Demo)
10. Grr (1999 Demo)
11. So Far Away (Unreleased 1998)
12. Coal (Unreleased Demo 1997)
13. Forgotten (Demo)
14. Sad (“By Myself” Demo 1999)
15. Hurry (1999 Demo)
16. Blue (1998 Unreleased Hybrid Theory Demo)
17. Chair (1999 “Part of Me” Demo)
18. Pts.Of.Athrty (Crystal Method Remix)

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Forgotten Demos tracklisting

1. Dialate (Xero Demo)
2. Pictureboard Demo
3. She Couldn’t Demo
4. Could Have Been Demo
5. Reading My Eyes (Xero Demo)
6. Rhinestone (Xero Demo)
7. Esaul (Xero Demo)
8. Stick N Move Demo
9. Carousel Demo
10. Points of Authority Demo
11. Crawling Demo
12. SuperXero (By Myself Demo)

More on the Linkin Park Hybrid Theory: 20th Anniversary Edition

You can preorder or presave the release here and check out the full details of the available options below.

linkin park deluxe box set

5 CDs: Hybrid Theory, Reanimation, B-Side Rarities, LPU Rarities, Forgotten Demos


3 LPS: Hybrid Theory, Reanimation, Hybrid Theory EP

80-page book featuring contributions from the band and previously unseen photos
Cassette reproduction of original 2-track street team sampler
18x24 Poster of Chester Bennington
3 Lithographs featuring new art by Mike Shinoda, Joe Hahn, & Frank Maddocks
Replica tour laminate

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linkin park vinyl set

3 LPS: Hybrid Theory, Reanimation, B-Side Rarities

1. “One Step Closer (Rock Mix)”
2.“It’s Goin’ Down”
3. “Papercut (Live from the BBC)”
4.“In The End (Live BBC Radio One)”
5. “Points Of Authority (Live BBC Radio One)”
6. “High Voltage”

7. “Step Up (1999 Demo)"
8. “My December”
9. “A Place For My Head (Live at Docklands Arena, London)”
10. “Points Of Authority (Live at Docklands Arena, London)”
11.“Papercut (Live at Docklands Arena, London)”
12. “Buy Myself Remix (Marilyn Manson)”


2 CDS: Hybrid Theory, B-Side Rarities


All audio tracks on the album will be available to stream or download.