A couple weeks ago, AltPress brought you a list of musician movie appearances. This week, we thought we’d scale the screen down a bit and highlight the times when our television and music worlds have collided and we've had to rub our eyes and do a double-take. "Is that-?" Yes. Enjoy!

Scott Heisel [SH]
Cassie Whitt [CW]


A Day To Haggle

A Day To Remember frontman Jeremy McKinnon made an appearance on Pawn Stars and tried to sell a beat-up four-string Martin guitar. It ended up going for half his asking price, and I have to wonder if the Pawn Stars dudes knew just who they were talking to. Add a certificate-of-former-ADTR-ownership, and fans would be clamoring for that thing.  [CW]
Chris Motionless loves his grandfather

Motionless In White frontman Chris Motionless appeared on New York Ink and got a tattoo ode to his grandfather, who he credits for introducing him to music. [CW]
Another tattoo show? Jeph beheads a unicorn

Before LA Ink, there was Inked, a show essentially about the same thing but with a slightly less annoying receptionist. And one day back in 2006, who pops in but Jeph Howard, bassist of the Used, who requests a tattoo of a severed unicorn head (complete with gold tooth) for his left thigh. And as you can see below, the customer is always right. [SH]
Psycho Killer Gavin Rossdale

Okay, so Gavin Rossdale might not be the coolest musician to include on this list, but man, this episode of Criminal Minds was a doozey. So, get this (here's where I yell "spoiler alert!"): Gavin Rossdale plays fictional goth-rock star, Dante, who is accused of murder after his fans start showing up dead with his upcoming album title, The Liar, written on their corpses in blood.

He starts thinking he's gone batso/is a vampire, and in the end, it turns out that his manager has been doing the killing and blood-farming for promotional purposes. Whoa! Watch "Dante" perform Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" in the clip above. [CW]
Hunk-hunka burnin' Pat

Before the Green Album launched the band back into superstardom, Weezer's members had fallen from the public eye a bit. That is, until Jay Leno came knocking on drummer Pat Wilson's door back in 2000 and got him to dress up as the King himself, Elvis Presley. [SH]


"AHOY, BUTTERNUTS!" - Ronnie Radke

So, when now Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke appeared on L.A. Ink in 2007, this is what he wanted to get: A frog riding a Clydesdale horse saying, "Ahoy, Butternuts!" What? Okay, Ronnie. So, that's a real thing, you guys. [CW]

Wait, another tattoo show? Frank Iero also loves his grandfather

A much sweeter story than ol' Butternuts up there. My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero appeared on L.A. Ink to pay homage to his grandfather with one of Kat Von D's signature black-and-white portraits. [CW]


Zack exposes himself

Before Zack Merrick and his abs became household names among pop-punk lovers, he found himself on MTV dating show Exposed, trying to win the heart of some random girl who asked him if he considered her an "open wound." The month after this aired, So Wrong, It's Right came out, All Time Low blew up and Zack probably never even thought about this girl again. [SH]

"We all love Bert. Don't we, Minnie?"

The Osbournes did an excellent job of making Bert McCracken from The Used look positively disgusting when he appeared on the reality show while dating Kelly Osbourne. "Kelly likes young, smelly boys," said Sharon Osbourne. [CW]

Adam Lazzara married my mom

Degrassi: it goes there. The clip above is a "mini" from the episode that originally aired, wherein TBS play a small, local show where character Craig has a cocaine meltdown onstage. In the mini, the guys of TBS overtake Emma's house and Adam marries her mom? I can't-. [CW]

Pete Wentz falls for a strange woman on One Tree Hill 

In 2005, on One Tree HillFall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, who plays himself, falls in love with the character Peyton. Their relationship continues through a few episodes of the series in this exaggerated fantasy-land band-guy-meets-girl story. [CW]
Springer goes grindcore

One of the best pranks ever was when Justin Pearson from the Locust/Some Girls got himself and three of his friends on the Jerry Springer show back in 1999 with some cock-and-bull story about roommates sleeping with each other. The premise was paper-thin (and can be read about in full here), but you really have to watch the whole thing to understand how wild this was. JER-RY! JER-RY! [SH]

Happy Birthday, Gerard

It's Gerard Way. From My Chemical Romance. Popping out of a gigantic birthday cake and singing "Happy Birthday" to a 16-year-old girl. This makes my brain explode every time I watch it. [SH]
Gerard Way (again) at 16

Play this video for two seconds, pause. That young man in the top left corner in the flannel? None other than Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance at age 16. Or, at the time, Garry Way, author of Boneyard Press comic On Raven's Wings. That's my gift to you this Wednesday. You're welcome. [CW]