XTRMST is the new straight edge hardcore band from Davey Havok and Jade Puget of AFI. The fiery duo will release their debut self-titled album on November 18 via Dim Mak Records. (Steve Aoki’s label.) For now, they’re teaming up with AP to bring you a new song, “Coward, Bow Your Head.”

In a recent XTRMST interview, we asked Havok about the “coward” he's reffering to in the song. He replied, “Anyone who has claimed the movement—no one specifically—but was untrue, people who claimed the movement for whatever reason and weakened the rest of us who believe in this and are this and gave us a terrible name. It weakens us anytime someone claims the movement and then falls off for whatever reason. It makes the rest of us look laughable. And there is nothing to laugh about.”

Stream “Coward, Bow Your Head” below and pre-order XTRMST now.