After leaving alternative-rock group the Mowgli’s, vocalist Colin Dieden began to pursue a solo career under the name Little Hurt. With three singles so far, Dieden is teaming up with AltPress to share the music video for “Better Drugs.”

Officially released on Valentine’s Day, the song helped Dieden realize it was time to go down his own path separate from a band. “Better Drugs” is set to be featured on his upcoming solo EP, which will drop later this year.

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The music video itself is a short film revolving around two actors who have yet to share their true feelings with each other. Colorful and moving, Dieden opens up on how he wanted to do something different, his journey with Little Hurt and more below.

How does working as a solo artist differ from the Mowgli’s? Are there a different set of challenges? Do you feel like there’s more creative freedom?

I definitely feel that doing this by myself allows me to create a certain depth and access a part of myself that didn’t necessarily feel super comfortable in the past.

You previously expressed that “Better Drugs” was a way to tell your own story. What’s that journey been like so far? What inspired you to want to do that with this song?

This whole Little Hurt project is based around being as authentic as possible. I started to find that my brain was absolutely craving it. I really started feeling the need to challenge myself and push myself to see how honest I could be. I think that’s really important to fans [and] I believe they are cognizant of when an artist is giving them all of themselves. They’re able to pick up on that.

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Overall, what inspired the song sonically? What type of influences did you embrace in the studio, whether that be other artists or life events?

I’m all over the place, sonically. I have no idea what this project really sounds like or what it’s supposed to sound like, and I love that. I’m absolutely in love with not being boxed in. I think there are definitely elements of pop, alternative [and] EDM. You name it. There’s nothing worse than people telling you, “This is too pop,” or “This isn’t alt enough.” A great song is a great song, and if that’s the way you think about music, you’re living way in the past. I want to do something new and great and not settle for “good enough.”

The music video for “Better Drugs” is about the unexpressed love between two actors. What was the inspiration behind the concept? How did it all come together?

My director Kyle Vorbach is brilliant. We definitely decided we wanted to make something fun and not focus on trying to be cool guys and play that game. I’m super not interested in any of that. We were like, “We have X amount of money, and Sony was incredibly generous and gave us the best cameras available on planet Earth. Let’s make a fucking movie.”

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What are your plans for the rest of 2020? What can fans look forward to in the coming months?

Well, the festivals I had lined up have obviously been postponed, and there isn’t any touring for the foreseeable future due to what’s happening in the world. But I’m gonna keep putting out songs. My team and I already have the next single picked and slated for release. 

Check out “Better Drugs” below.

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