Life can sometimes get in the way for a band who want to make new music, but Little Image are using this time to hone their craft. When they released their most recent track “WORTH IT” in January, the group came out running with a fresh take on their sound. The trio are now teaming up with AltPress to bring you a new music video for their latest release.

As the Dallas-based group have grown, so has their music. After dropping their debut album, Musings, in 2017, they went quiet release-wise for a few years. While the band had a laid-back sound then, they added a harder edge to their music when they shared “WORTH IT.” They also recently signed with Crush Music, which houses bands such as Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco and more. 

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Donned in outfits decorated with meaningful lyrics taken from the track, Little Image dance and spray paint their way through the music video. Speaking on their future, the band say “WORTH IT” is just the beginning when it comes to their fresh sound, and they hope to start creating new music soon.

“WORTH IT” is your first release since Musings in 2017. Although you’ve kept the relaxed indie vibes, there’s definitely a rock element to the track. What inspired the change, and how does it fit into the future sound of the band? 

What inspired the change most was growing up and going through major life changes together. We released Musings in high school and then spent two difficult years trying to figure out what Little Image are or will be. With almost signing a record deal and then almost ending the band in the span of a year, we took a step back and went away to just write together with no agenda or pressure. “WORTH IT” was the first song that came out of that trip and was the song we knew was going to start paving the way for what we want this to be. 

This is your first time releasing an official music video to accompany one of your tracks. What was the process like? How did you come up with the concept, and were there any difficulties with the execution?

We knew we wanted to do a video because this was the first release of our new sound and look. The song itself talks about some darker but equally hopeful elements, and we knew we wanted to capture that somehow. We love fashion and art installations, so we decided to combine those into the concept of this video. “WORTH IT” has different sections in the song that each required a different mood and intensity. With the help of Twang Pictures, we came up with the concepts that we thought captured each dynamic. The only difficulty we ran into was capturing it all in one night. We wrapped the final shot at about 2 in the morning and somehow got it all done. 

In the music video, the band are spray-painting a canvas with lettering and images. Even your wardrobe features lyrics from the track. Why did you choose to display those specific phrases and pictures? 

Many of the words we displayed are words that are hard to talk about. The injustices and the sickness going on right now has to end. When we wrote words like “normalizing,” “vaccinating” and “downsizing pain,” we couldn’t have imagined how relevant those things would be now. We believe step one is realizing how real these difficult things are and talking about them instead of being scared of them. We think everyone deserves to be heard no matter what they have to say, which plays into the words being written on our own bodies. 

You completed your last tour right before everyone went into quarantine due to the coronavirus. Because no one really knows when live shows will be able to resume, can we expect any livestream performances or new music in the coming months?

Yes and yes. On that tour, we basically tried out all-new songs that nobody has heard. Living in different states has made it difficult to be together, but we are excited to be back together and finally finish so much new music.