Japanese genre-destroyers FACT play their explosive one-and-a-half minute song "Tonight" to a rowdy crowd in this new live video. The song comes from their U.S. debut album Burundanga. Watch it and tell us what you think.

FACT vocalist/guitarist Adam Graham states, “The video was shot when we did a (sold out) headline show at a venue called The Pipeline in London in March this year after our UK tour with Your Demise. It was rad.

Graham adds, “The track ‘Tonight’ was recorded in Florida with Elvis Baskette (as was the rest of the album), and it's probably one of my favorite songs on the record. I love how it's so short and yet really powerful. We've actually had lots of kids say the same thing, it seems to go down super well at shows. We're all fans of melodic hardcore and kind of fast punk bands, stuff like Comeback Kid and Propagandhi and Strung Out and I think you can definitely hear that kind of sound in the track, but then out drummer Eiji is a massive death and black metal fan and so he wanted to throw some blast beats in, which he does about 2/3 of the way through, and I think that along with some of the guitar effects gives it this really kind of weird psychedelic feel in parts, despite the fact that it's only just over a minute long. And then you have the kinda thrashy end to the song. I guess it's pretty much the essence of what FACT is condensed into just over a minute.

“Lyrically, ‘Tonight’ is a song about realising the moment you're in and seizing the opportunities that that moment presents. Not wanting to sound pretentious or anything, but it's about that moment of epiphany when you realise that you're the one who controls your own destiny. It's a positive message, it's about takings control and taking responsibility. It fits into the lyrical theme of the album as a whole because a lot of "Burundanga" is about being able to take the positives out of loss and regret - everyone has dark stuff happen to them, but it's all about being able to pick out the specks of light in those dark times, and ‘Tonight’ is all about doing that right now.”