Vans has unveiled a new skate shoe in partnership with pro skateboarder Lizzie Armanto.

According to a press release, "When Vans set out to create Lizzie’s first signature skateboarding shoe, we listened closely to her and what she needed to progress. The result is The Lizzie, Vans’ first signature skateboarding shoe designed by a woman in 20 years. The Lizzie provides something else entirely for a wider range of skateboarders whose needs are not being met.”

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Armanto worked closely with Vans' Innovation and Production Development teams to create the shoe. They even molded it from 3D scans of her feet. The shoe features a leaner outsole for a closer connection to the board and improved flexibility. The impact cushioning previously made her feel as if she was floating above her board.

“I really enjoyed the process of creating a shoe from the ground up,” Armanto says. “I felt compelled to make a shoe that is simple, functional, feels good on your feet and has a bit of soul, and [I] feel proud of what we were able to accomplish.”

Vans designed and created the shoe to have a reduced carbon footprint compared to Vans' canvas shoes. The Lizzie is made in part with organic cotton, natural rubber and biobased foam.

“I feel very connected to nature, and I’m stoked that my shoe could bring me even closer to it,” Armanto says. “I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to include sustainable materials and practices as much as possible throughout the entire process. It means a lot to me that Vans’ design team went the extra mile to make this happen.”

The Lizzie will be available on Vans' website and from select retailers on March 10.


[Photo via Vans][/caption]