Logan Paul has officially capitalized on the rampant 2019 meme of his emo doppelgänger. The YouTuber committed to a full makeover to match the person in the meme and some people aren't happy.

The makeover occurs in his newest video and Paul proceeds to do a bunch of stereotypically "emo" things such as lip-syncing My Chemical Romance and painting his nails black.

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He goes full "emo" with black and purple hair swept across his face, snakebite piercings, a too-tight black zip-up hoodie and heavy black eyeliner.

From then on, Logan Paul pretty much only speaks in emo-isms. Citing his black nail polish is for the "deepest parts of his heart" and things of the sort. Paul adds "I finally know what it's like to be that kid in high school that everybody just stares at."

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He puts on "Welcome To The Black Parade" and begins lip-syncing that, rides around the carts at the mall just like Avril Lavigne does in "Complicated" and buys a brand new guitar just to pretend to play it and then smash it. Logan Paul also included a brief clip of him imitating the goth rave video from under the bridge. You know, this one.

Oh, he also buys some accessories from the Hot Topic including some studded bracelets and a choker that says "sad."

Watch the video below.

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Johnnie Guilbert

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As you can see, a lot of people are quite upset with the whole stunt. This isn't the first time in recent history that YouTubers have pissed off the emo crowd either. Just recently, Trisha Paytas received flack for her remake of MCR's "Helena" and the posts that followed. You ca get a taste of that below.

Only time will tell if Logan Paul keeps this new look. Until then, we'll carry on.

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