Toronto-based musician LØLØ has dropped her latest EP overkill today via Hopeless Records.

Throughout the EP’s six tracks, the artist explores topics such as loneliness, isolation, depression and more.

overkill followed four previous singles (“u look stupid,” “die without u,” “death wish” and “lonely & pathetic”), and music videos accompanied each release.

Alongside her new EP, LØLØ also dropped a new video for "hurt less." The track is powerful, anthemic pop punk contrasting the feelings of emotional and physical pain. The playful video showcases the artist flicking through a (highly familiar) TV rotation of pharmaceutical ads, cooking shows, slasher flicks, music videos and more.

Like most musicians during 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic played a role in LØLØ’s music.

In a press release, the artist shared how music helped her cope with her anxiety and the pandemic as well as why she wrote overkill.

"Take the regular highs and lows of being young and dumb, add in a global pandemic and a heavy dose of social anxiety and you get a seriously unstable LØLØ," LØLØ says. "Armed with what seemed like an endless well of inspiration, including killing many plants and relationships, falling for people I shouldn’t, etc., I felt lost, lonely and pathetic.” 

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The alt-pop artist concludes by expressing how the emotions drove her to create overkill, which she wrote after the numerous lockdowns in Toronto during 2020.

“When I feel that way, I turn to music,” she continues. “Somehow songwriting has become the only type of surgery that can fix me when I’m broken. Instead of dealing with these things like a normal person, I wrote an EP.  All I can do now is cross my fingers and hope people understand the twisted pile of wreckage that is my brain."

Ahead of the EP’s release, LØLØ joined New Found Glory and Less Than Jake’s Pop Punk’s Still Not Dead tour as a supporting act.

Listen to overkill below.

overkill tracklist:

1. “death wish”
2. “lonely & pathetic”
3. “hurt less”
4. “u look stupid”
5. “die without u”
6. “surgery”