LØLØ has returned with the fiery new single "hot girls in hell." The scathing track is an instant breakup anthem as LØLØ belts: "You’re fucking disgusting/You’re good for nothing/You think you’re special/I think you’re mental/I hope there’s no hot girls in hell.” 

The song begins with a gentle, acoustic verse before exploding into thrashing guitars and combusting percussion, neatly demonstrating the Toronto-based artist's talent for blending vulnerability and unapologetic authority within the same track.

"I wrote the first half when I was really sad and the second half when I was really mad," LØLØ says of the track. "The person I wrote this about is definitely going to hell, so here’s hoping there’s no hot girls there for him to f**k."

It's been a banner year for the Canadian singer-songwriter. The breakup diatribe is LØLØ's third single release of 2023, coming after head-banger "omg" and the gritty duet “5,6,7,8" with girlfriends lead singer Travis Mills. The 24-year-old is now gearing up for a full U.S. tour this fall, supporting Boys Like Girls and State Champs. 

Watch the "hot girls in hell" video below.