LØLØ and Maggie Lindemann have teamed up for the new song “debbie downer.” They've also released a music video for the track, directed by Jake Johnston. You can watch it below.

The track sees the pair turn the iconic “It's Cold in Here” cheer from Bring It On into something a little more pop-punk. They cheekily sing, “Brr, it's cold in here/All black everything/Sad and weird.”

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LØLØ explained the story behind the song in a press release. "So there’s this girl, Debbie. She‘s got jet black nails to match her hair and the rest of her outfit. She’s a little bit of a mess (but, who isn’t these days?). More often than not, you may find her being a little too drunk at a party, possibly falling over. Maybe she’s a little intense — she tends to over share and talk about things that “normal” people find weird— but that’s just Debbie.”

“I’ve heard people say she’s “too aggressive” but I don’t think she means to be,” she continues. “She’s always asked “are you ok?” – which she swears she is. She’s sensitive and emotional, but she’s not sad (most of the time). Sometimes she just feels like she doesn’t really belong. 'Hi. Nice to meet u. It’s me — Debbie Downer, and I wrote this song for anyone that’s ever felt a little different or out of place too.'"

LØLØ also explained that she already had a vision for the music video for “debbie downer” while she was writing the song.

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"I knew there had to be some emo cheerleaders involved since we pay homage to Bring it On (one of my favorite movies). 'debbie downer' is all not belonging or fitting in, so I thought it would be funny to have cheerleaders cheering in places they really don't belong — for example, a tennis match, a chess game, or a science club.”

“Working with Jake Johnston was AMAZING,” she continues. “We had originally gotten some treatments from a few people, but when I saw his I knew we had to go with him — he executed my vision perfectly and was so much fun to work with. Maggie also absolutely KILLED IT. Of course, she plays the it girl-bad b*tch, because LOOK AT HER. I want her to step on me. She joins the dark side and embraces her debbie-downer-ness of course at the end of the video because at the end of the day, we are ALL debbie downers."