Lorna Shore announced they will not be breaking up in the wake of the removal of vocalist CJ McCreery, and will be keeping the original tracked vocals for their upcoming album Immortal.

On December 23, the band posted a message saying “Effective immediately, CJ McCreery is no longer the vocalist of Lorna Shore.”

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It became apparent from a series of tweets that sexual abuse allegations against CJ McCreery dating back months were related to his firing.

One of the main women involved in outing McCreery for his abuse confirmed her messages were not the direct reason he was fired.

Later, the band posted a message announcing their Asia tour dates were off.


We are deeply saddened to announce that we will NOT be playing the shows we had scheduled there this month. Ourselves, and the booking agent tried everything we could to make this happen, but unfortunately it just couldn’t work.

We promise to be back soon. We love you all and are very sorry we couldn’t make this happen.”

They updated the post shortly after telling fans they will get an update on the status of the band and their album which was due soon as soon as they can comment on the situation.

“Edit: everyone asking about the album/future. you will know when we know. at this moment, there are discussions but nothing we can comment on.

all we ask is please be patient.
this will all be addressed soon.”

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Today, the band took to Facebook to thank fans for their support after the removal of their vocalist. They also said the band will continue to exist without McCreery.

Lorna Shore wants to take a moment to thank all our fans and the metal community for all of your support while we have been dealing with the aftermath of our recent decision to move forward without CJ McCreery on vocals.

The metal outfit is also releasing their upcoming album Immortal on the originally planned date via Century Media Records. They and their label agreed to keep McCreery's vocals on the LP instead of rerecording the lyrics.

They are also searching for a new singer and are going on a Europe/UK tour with Decapitated.

Today, we are announcing that we, in conjunction with the understanding and incredibly supportive people at Century Media Records, have made the decision to release our new album, 'Immortal' on January 31, 2020 as planned. The decision was something we did not take lightly. We have already begun the search for a new vocalist, and we have EVERY INTENTION to continue Lorna Shore stronger than ever. Our fans and the metal community have been extremely patient through multiple delays surrounding this album. You've waited long enough. It makes no sense to scrap or revise the record with new vocals, which was a feeling shared by both the band and label.

So to be clear - Lorna Shore is all systems go. We will have further announcements regarding a new vocalist as soon as possible. Europe/UK tour with Decapitated is happening. Don't believe anything you hear unless you hear it from us. We won't let you down.

Check out the full post below.

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