Back in March, Ian Watkins, the 41-year old ex-Lostprophets singer, was charged with having a cellphone while in prison. 

Now, more details about the alleged possession have been revealed, including that he hid the phone in his anus. 

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The is currently serving a 35-year sentence for child sex offenses at HM Prison Wakefield in West Yorkshire, England. 

Earlier this year, Watkins pleaded not guilty to unauthorized possession of a mobile phone in a maximum security prison. Watkins appeared at a brief hearing at Leeds Crown Court via video. 

The ex-singer allegedly had access to the phone from March 4 through March 10 of last year.

“The issue here is that he was in possession of a mobile phone in his cell,” prosecutor Stephen Wood says in a story with the Yorkshire Post. “I am not going into specific details about what was found on that phone.

“The jury will have to know about his previous convictions,” Wood adds.

Now, it was revealed that after he was strip-searched in March 2018, police found a “small white telephone”. They also found a charger in his cell. 

The phone was 8 cm long and discovered in his anus, according to The Independent

“He reached in his underwear towards his anus,” prosecutor Stephen Wood told the jury. “After about 10 seconds the defendant produced a small white telephone. You will understand that this must have been inserted into his anus.”

According to Wood, Watkins told authorities he was “forced to hold onto the phone by other prisoners”. 

“He said his life had been threatened,” Wood said. “He told police he had been threatened with being slashed.” 

Wood disputed Watkins’ claims, saying he used the phone to contact at least one woman who was not in prison. The person he contacted was the one who informed police that he had the phone in the first place. 

The trial is currently ongoing. 

More information 

As previously reported, Watkins was sentenced to 29 years with an extended license of six years for various child sex offenses. At the time of his original arrest, he would have been considered for early release after serving two thirds of his sentence.

Back in 2013, Watkins was charged with 13 child sex offenses, including the planned rape of a baby. According to the BBC, Watkins plead guilty to sexual assault of a child under 13, but not guilty to rape.  

In addition to the offenses above, Watkins admitted to “three counts of sexual assault involving children, seven involving taking, making or possessing indecent images of children and one of possessing an extreme pornographic image involving a sex act on an animal,” according to the BBC.

Additionally, Watkins’ two female co-defendants—who were not to be named—were sentenced to 14 years and 17 years in prison, respectively. The co-defendants were mothers of the children Watkins assaulted. The women plead guilty to child abuse charges.

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