Luke Holland is taking the #TenYearChallenge to an entirely new level by revisiting his 2009 cover of August Burns Red's "Meddler".

Check out the incredible cover (and transformation) below!

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2019 brought the "ten year challenge" into our lives, consisting of people posting side-by-side photos of themselves, one current and one from ten years ago. You may recall seeing some of your favorite artists partake in the social media fad, bringing in an opportunity for some great laughs and a trip down memory lane.

Now, drummer extraordinaire Luke Holland has put his own twist on the challenge by recreating a drum cover he uploaded to YouTube in 2009.

"From 2009 to 2019, here is my 10 Year Challenge!" Luke writes in the video's description. "If 16 year old Luke could see where he is at today... this original cover was filmed in my original filmer Justin Bartram's living room in Peoria, Arizona. It all started as a simple idea, for fun, & I accidentally created one of the largest drum channels on planet Earth. Thank you to everyone, sincerely, who has stuck around to support. I hope you guys are proud of the progress, & I hope you enjoyed this video!"

Check out Luke's recreation of his ABR drum cover, below!

The nostalgia is real with this one.

And just in case you want to revisit the original:

Which Luke Holland drum cover has been your favorite over the past ten years? Sound off in the comments below!

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