It seems like the scene has baby fever with several artists announcing their partners’ pregnancies recently. From Tyler Joseph of twenty one pilots revealing the news at Lollapalooza Berlin to Pat Kirch of the Maine sharing the update with a sentimental post to blackbear and his sweet selfie. Because of all the exciting baby news, we thought it’d be fun to put together a list of the best scene tracks that could be played as lullabies so anyone with a new baby can teach them from an early age how to appreciate good music. 

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Featuring artists such as All Time Low, State Champs, Waterparks and more, your kid will be excited to go to sleep and hear their parents’ kickass music taste. Check out some perfect scene-inspired lullabies below!

1. “Boxing Day” – blink-182

The words to this song are pretty emo, but the melody and acoustic chords make us want to fall asleep. Any pop-punk baby needs to be aware of blink-182 from a young age, and it’s one of the blink songs that are pretty tame lyrically. If your kid asks who left the day after Christmas, you can just say it’s about being sad about Santa going back to the North Pole. Parenting at its best.

2. “Miserable At Best” – Mayday Parade

This song just sounds like it’s the end of the night and time to unwind and go to bed, even if that means crying yourself to sleep. While this Mayday Parade track has a sad meaning, it has a lot of lyrics that could be spun to sound like a loving lullaby, such as “Let's not pretend like you're alone tonight” or “You're all that I hoped I'd find/In every single way.”

3. “Wish You Were Here” – Neck Deep

If you put your child to sleep softly singing Neck Deep songs, they will undoubtedly grow up to be cool as hell. They’ll probably love hearing the stories later in their life about you crowdsurfing at Warped Tour and blasting tracks by the band in your car with your friends. It’s also about not wanting to grow up, which is probably how you feel about your kid getting older.

4. “I Love You 5” – Never Shout Never

This Never Shout Never song doesn’t even need to be spun into a lullaby, as it pretty much already is. The childlike lyrics and soft guitar playing will make it your kids’ favorite jam. Plus, it’s just about love, which you can’t go wrong with.

5. “Jasey Rae (Acoustic)” – All Time Low

Again, you have to teach your kids the classics. This acoustic version of “Jasey Rae” is a perfect way to introduce them to the iconic band while also helping them unwind before bedtime.

6. “Silver (Acoustic)” – Waterparks

This throwback Parx track makes a perfect lullaby because you get to hear Awsten Knight’s beautiful voice while singing to your kid about how much they mean to you. Maybe once they start liking this, you can show them more of the band’s more energetic tracks.

7. “When You Can’t Sleep At Night” – Of Mice & Men

When your baby can’t sleep at night because they’re up crying, just turn on this Of Mice & Men song and let it do the work for you. It’s soothing in the best way, and it’ll probably make them sleepy the second you hit play.

8. “If I’m Lucky” – State Champs

This is definitely another perfect track to put on your baby’s nighttime playlist. It’s the right amount of chill and pop punk that your kid will probably still love even when they’re too old for lullabies.

9. “Humming” – Turnover

Turnover create music that’s made to calm people down. They use ambient sounds and dreamy vocals that can stop any temper tantrum. Like the song says, when your kid gets older, they’ll be “humming songs (they) heard when (they) were young,” like this one.

10. “Clairvoyant” – The Story So Far

The Story So Far have several lullaby-sounding tracks, but this one is the safest to play around children lyric-wise. The vocal pitches echo that of a traditional lullaby, so it’s a perfect way to make a nighttime song as scene as possible. 

What other scene songs would make good lullabies for babies? Sound off in the comments below!