Let’s just say that you won’t be washing away any of your sins with this product. As a part of their new Father’s Day collection, LUSH released a line of home pampering products just for the old man. The collection includes a “Super Dad!” bath bomb, beard oil, shower gel, a cocoa and mint mustache soap bar and a…pentagram-shaped bubble bar?

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Just when you thought the fad of fidget spinners had finally died down, handmade bath and beauty chain LUSH stepped up to revive the toy from the depths of hell. Literally.

While the bubble bar was made to resemble a fidget spinner, we are getting other ideas.

The bubble bar actually rotates like the 2017-craze, making it perfect for multiple baths, but the product at a standstill looks creepily like a pentagram. With five points that take on the shape’s uncanny resemblance, the twisted image is hard for us to unsee.

While the pentagram is a symbol in many different religions, the most commonly-associated being Satanism, it isn’t uncommon to see young edgelords, like us, appropriate it.

Apparently, LUSH mistakenly had the same idea. On their website, the bubble bar claims to be “fun for the whole family.” Yeah, sure, if your family is into playing with Ouija boards before dinner.

How many LUSH representatives did this design have to go through before hitting the shelves?

Either way, we’re stoked about the idea of demonic bath time.

All jokes aside, LUSH’s package is helping destroy the stigma of home-pampering being only a “girls’ thing.” At the end of the day, dads deserve to feel good about themselves, too. Plus, this is a perfect excuse to throw out your dad’s two-in-one shampoo.

The other products in this bundle promise to leave pops feeling fresh. The beard oil claims to eliminate stubble and double as a facial moisturizer while the bath bomb releases a woodsy scent perfect for relaxation. For a full list of ingredients, or to purchase these products, you can visit LUSH’s site here.

LUSH is a cruelty-free, vegetarian company that specializes in handmade cosmetic and beauty products. Additionally, the company claims to source its products from local and worldwide suppliers with similar values. Count us in.