People are wanting to boycott Lush over actions made by its U.K. CEO Mark Constantine. Constantine recently took to social media to showcase that he was giving presents to police. This move has drawn a ton of criticism due to its insensitive nature regarding ongoing, worldwide protests for Black Lives Matter and against police brutality. 

A number of people, including those working for Lush, are demanding that Lush step up and address the issues regarding race and the police. Lush is also accused of being performative and not actively contributing anything to BLM. 

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This recent controversy regarding Lush U.K. seems to be a far cry from the U.S. arm’s prior stance. In 2018, the cosmetics brand partnered with Police Spies Out of Lives for their "Spy Cops" campaign. Its purpose was to raise awareness of an ongoing undercover-policing scandal. Lush drew some ire from that campaign as some accused them of being anti-cop. 

Black Lives Matter protests were sparked by the killing of George Floyd on May 25 by Minnesota police. These protests have taken the world by storm with police being criticized for their historical brutality and excessive use of force, particularly against BIPOC. With the current protests, police are firing nonlethal rounds and tear-gassing innocent and peaceful bystanders.

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Constantine's actions, which were posted May 26 and 27, have provoked quite a response. 

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"You have stated in a recent Instagram post that ‘Black Lives Matter’," the template reads. "As an [employee/customer] I feel that this is an empty performative statement unless you commit to distributing your enormous wealth to supporting the Black Lives Matter campaign, and other Black-led organisations and funds."

It continues, "Lush CEO Mark Constantine has been posting on his Facebook about making lush donations to the police whilst we are witnessing extreme police brutality against Black people. He posted in support of the police one day after George Floyd was brutally murdered by police.”

The full template can be viewed and emailed here.

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As expected, this news has caused a number of people to denounce Lush entirely regardless of the U.S. branch being separate from the U.K.’s.

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To show support through donations, connect with grassroots campaigns and obtain resources for allies, please refer to the links below.

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