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Lush is ready to help scrub away those winter blues with their new, spring-inspired Easter collection. We couldn't pick a favorite, so you can check out all the sunshine-y new products below.

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Settle in and get ready for 20+ new products.

bath bombs

[Photo by: Lush]

1. First off are the beloved bath bombs! There are three "Free Rangers" that come in orange, blue and purple. These little guys look just like chicks but are super-sized and split into TWO bath bombs (yes, please!) Each has coconut oil that is sure to soften skin.

"April Showers" is shaped like a rain cloud, sure to wash your troubles away and give you a milky purple bath smelling of cedarwood and cypress oil.

The last classic bath bomb is the "Which Came First," shaped like eggs. (Get it?) These cuties come in spots or stripes with a fruity grapefruit fragrance when you drop this in your bath.

bubble bar in text

[Photo by: Lush]

2. More into bubble baths? No problem. Lush has you covered with three new bubble bars. The first bubble bar "Poisson d'Avril," a red koi fish bubble bar.  With cinnamon and black pepper this bar is sure to snap you out of winter and into spring.

Second is "Bunch of Carrots," a bundled set of three bubble bars each creating lemon-bergamot bubbles.

We saved the coolest bubble bar for last, though. The "Seven Deadly Spins" is a reusable, spinning bubble bar. Let this guy spin under running water for a bit and watch your bath fill with sweet citrus bubbles. 


[Photo by: Lush]

3. Don't be fooled by these three bubbleroons called "Cream Egg." Choose blue, yellow or pink to make your bath a chocolate mint wonderland. With fair trade cocoa and shea butters, you're sure to have silky smooth skin after using one of these.

bath bomb melt

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4. Alas, the Golden Egg bath bomb melt. Instead of a fizzing bath bomb, let this glistening gem melt into your warm bath and make everything shine and smell like caramel and wild orange.

lush spring 2018

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5. On the left we have Lush's famous naked shower cream called "Here Comes the Sun." This bar is meant to be lathered between hands then rubbed all over like a bar of soap. It offers your skin some brightness with mandarin and tangerine oils.

On the right is a Shampoo Bar, "Wash Behind Your Ears," made to look like a little bunny. Lather this bar in your hands, or rub directly onto your hair to enjoy carrot and cleansing lemon oils on your locks. 

carrot soap bar

[Photo by: Lush]

6. Lush has a new bar of soap called "Carrot." Appropriately named, this bar of soap looks like a little carrot. Simply lather and rinse to get the smell of cocoa butter, cedarwood and tangerine oils. 

wrapped gifts and knot wraps

[Photo by: Lush]

7. Here you can see wrapped gifts which are available as "Carrot," "Big Fish" and "Golden Egg." Another fun gift are the knot-wraps which are 100 percent cotton wraps which can be used to wrap gifts, then double as a fun accessory. The new spring patterns are "April Showers," "Cactus Club" and "Psych-Egg-Delic."

Grab one of these products for yourself, or slip something into someone's basket this Easter season. You can check out (and purchase) all the products here!