While many fans were happy to finally see PVRIS' return with new music the band's new direction has come under fire, and Lynn Gunn has something to say about it.

Some might not love the new song, but the frontwoman wasn't having any of the negativity about her band's latest track.

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Even though some have voiced their concerns with the song in question, "Death Of Me" seemed to be well received by the majority of the band's fanbase.

However, Gunn wasn't shy about concerning the "pop" accusations thrown at the song. She took to Instagram with a clear message about their sound.

"face when the haters say it’s “too pop” and u know the next song slaps even harder and that they’ll 100% hate it even more and u literally don’t know what to tell ‘em??? :’) news flash, we’ve always had pop elements in our music (also what even is pop these days? Doesn’t matter!) Sorry if u don’t fuck w it, but I fuck w it hard and so do a lot of other people. I’m really happy that it’s making a lot of other people happy/they’re embracing change and growth. I’m very grateful for those people ♥️? - Laura Rodriguez (p.s. Saying this from a place of power, confidence and genuinely not caring. Just felt like sharing & speaking my truth. Trying to do that more,)" the caption reads.

"Death Of Me" dropped a few days ago after numerous teasers on the band's social media accounts.

Earlier this year, PVRIS wiped their social media. In the days leading up to their new single, they posted a few ominous photos. Fans believed that it meant something big was coming.

At long last, they finally dropped the new single on July 12. It’s super dark and definitely has a cult vibe going on, complete with creepy snakes and an overall tense atmosphere. You can see it for yourself and listen to the new song below.

Do you think the new PVRIS track is "too pop?" sound off in the comments below!

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