A previously unreleased Mac Miller track has just surfaced on Soundcloud that was reportedly produced by Thundercat, Miller’s friend and fellow collaborator. 

The song “The Sun Room (Somewhere In Space) deals with deeply spiritual themes. It was released on account LEAK TH.IS. 

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Some of the lyrics on the track were featured in his 2013 song “The Star Room”. Due to the similarities in titles, it’s possible this new track was an early recording or a remix. 

"Don't give a fuck about tomorrow if I die today/ I'll greet the devil with a smiley face/ That god fellow may reside in space," Miller raps in both songs. 

Miller’s estate has yet to comment on the song. You can hear it below. 

Miller passed away at the age of 26 in September. Many musicians and fans have spoken of his impactful and positive influence since his passing. 

More Mac Miller news

Back in March, Miller’s home city Pittsburgh honored the rapper at the popular playground in Pittsburgh’s Frick Park, which was the inspiration behind the name of his 2011 debut album’s namesake, Blue Slide Park.

When searching Blue Slide Park on Google or Apple Maps, the park is now identified as “Mac Miller’s Blue Slide Park” in honor of the late rapper.

No official statement has been released concerning the online renaming of the park. Twitter users noticed the change late last night when searching the park on the popular GPS platforms.

The digital name change came as a surprise following a petition to rename the park at last year’s Mac Miller memorial, which was held in the park days after his passing. Fans were seen passing around an official petition to rename the park before Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto told Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that such a change could take years to be put in effect.

“I know a lot of people have been saying we should rename the park,” Peduto says. “There are strict rules on naming of public assets within the city now. I believe it’s three years after someone has passed that you can then name something after them. This was basically done in order to not have politicians naming things after themselves while they’re still in office.”

However, at the time, Peduto noted that a possible amendment could be put in place to speed up the process.

Miller filmed in the park for his debut album’s single, “Frick Park Market,” which you can check out below.

What do you think of the previously unreleased Mac Miller song? Sound off in the comments down below!

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