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Everyone knows the classic movie Home Alone. (And you might know the sequels that follow, too.) Star Macaulay Culkin says he he can't watch Home Alone, and he tells Ellen why.

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Culkin says he won’t watch the classic film anymore, nor will he watch it with people (even when they ask) or do “the face” upon request, because people ask him to do it all. The. Time.

He also says he doesn't watch the flick often, saying the last time he watched it was for the DVD commentary track for the 15th anniversary edition of the movie.

He also talks about the drawbacks of being thrown into fame at such a young age. Being a child-star so early robbed Culkin of normal things, such as going to school and spending time with kids his own age.

In the interview, he explains: "I did like 14 movies in six years or something like that. I was away from home a lot. I was away from school. I needed something else." 

Get the details below during the interview:

Don't catch him leaving his home around Christmas... Avoiding fans of the film and enjoying his holiday in peace—lay off, ya filthy animals.

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