Machine Gun Kelly still has some thoughts to share about his ongoing feud with Eminem.

The rapper discussed the beef, as well as his feud with G-Eazy and more, during an interview with the Breakfast Club on Sept. 20. Watch the video in full below.

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Machine Gun Kelly broke down the feud during the interview, reminding it all started when he called Eminem's daughter "hot" on Twitter in 2012, when she was underage.

"He should have said it six years ago," MGK notes. The rapper says he apologized behind the scenes, took the tweet down, but wasn't up for a public apology, "It was a silly comment to have started all of this."

MGK also says that his career hit roadblocks because of that first incident, but he was able to get through it.

"I don't even know why everyone's riding for this men so tough, this is a person who won't even show up to do a real interview," he continues, when asked if he was able to talk directly to Eminem about the songs. "I'm a men of the people, I'm a vulnerable dude, I'll put my stuff out there"

Kelly also denied rumors that the beef is a way for him to sell out more records. "I've sold over 20 million records," he explains. "I've been in 10 movies, four of which came out December to April. It's very hard for me to accept that this career just butted out of nowhere via him.

"I've had a John Varvatos fashion campaign," MGK continues. "I don't know what place you can limit me to, I've done warped tour for three years, this is a punk in the heat tour."

"I can't help that I'm on point, I can't help that it took this for y'all to see my talent," he adds, when one of the interviewers said he liked "Rap Devil" more than "Killshot."

"It's a six for me, dog," MGK says about Eminem's diss-track. "'Killshot' was a leg shot. With 'Rap Devil,' we’re talking about facts while you want to talk about man buns? Answer the fucking facts."

"How disconnected are you?" Kelly continues. "You called me a mumble rapper?"

MGK also addressed the video of Fall Out Boy fans booing him, confirming that it was edited: "You can't edit the narrative."

"This wasn’t on my path anyway. I’m on a tour opening up for a rock band in a completely different mind state than this," he says, denying rumors that he'd written "Rap Devil" before Eminem's first track. "I'm already over it"

MGK vs. G-Eazy

When asked about G-Eazy's "Bad Boy" diss track, MGK wasn't as keen to discuss the feud. "Not only can he not rap, he can't do math either," he offered.

The rapper also confirmed the rumors about him and Halsey, but said it happened long ago and not during the singer's break with G-Eazy.

Referring to the Finland trip both rappers mentioned in their track, MGK just said they "did a bunch of drugs together" and all was well back then.

On Mac Miller's passing

MGK also taked about his drug use in the light of Mac Miller's death by overdose on Sept. 7.

"If it was going to be a lesson learned, I might have learned when it happened to Peep. The reality of the situation is you can't as a world expect to break people down constantly and not expect them to want some kind of escape," he reflects. "I don't have a mom I can call, I don't have a father I can call. My aunt who was the last thing that I had is gone. I got a nine-year old I call and confide all my things"

"When Chester Bennington died," he continues. "I put that on a nine-year-old."

MGK & Eminem beef explained

When Em surprise-dropped his latest LP, the two aforementioned cuts contained jabs at MGK (seemingly spurred by an old tweet). But in short order, Kelly fired back with “Rap Devil,” unleashing the riposte in Em’s home state.

Of course, Eminem wasn’t gonna stand for that, so he released reprisal “Killshot” after making it clear that he wanted to “destroy” MGK. The diss track slash response to Machine Gun Kelly received a massive 38.1 million views in its first 24 hours, which has made it the biggest hip-hop debut on Youtube.

Plus, in another curious twist, it appears that the beefing rappers’ diss tracks share more than just a mutual disdain for each other, they also share a writer/producer. That’s right, as noted by the NME, producer and artist Ronny J (Ronald Spence Jr.) is listed as a contributor on Em’s Kamikaze missiles “The Ringer” and “Not Alike,” as well as Machine Gun Kelly’s recent retort, “Rap Devil.”

Watch MGK's full interview with the Breakfast Club below: