It's the feud that keeps on giving, and it doesn't appear that it's going to be stopping anytime soon.

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Last night (Sept. 16,) Machine Gun Kelly took to his Instagram, where he posted a picture of himself wearing a t-shirt with Eminem's "Killshot," single artwork proudly displayed.

Then, to add more fuel to this growing fire, MGK captioned the series of pictures with the simple caption of: "He missed."

He also added a familiar hashtag to the post, "#legshot," which is what we can only assume is the rapper's way of saying Eminem's track, "Killshot," was more of a “legshot” than anything else.

Check out the post below:


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he missed. ????????????‍♂️????????????#legshot #rapdevilstillNUMBERONE #letstalkaboutit ????????????

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This latest antic with the Cleveland rapper follows the announcement of his forthcoming EP Binge, which will be dropping Sept. 21.

We're not entirely sure if this EP will contain anymore diss tracks, whether that be directed towards Eminem or G-Eazy, another rapper who dropped a diss track on MGK a couple of weeks ago.

Last week, we reported that Eminem dropped another diss track toward the Cleveland rapper called "Killshot." The track in question, which MGK has since talked about since it's release, was a scathing response to MGK's "Rap Devil."

If you haven’t been following the growing drama between the two rappers, here are some of the important things to note so far:

The feud officially began when Eminem surprise released his new full-length effort, Kamikaze, which was chock full of diss after diss including “Not Alike,“ which takes aim at Machine Gun Kelly.

Taken from Em’s track “Not Alike,” featuring Royce Da 5’9, Eminem called out MGK following a tweet made by the rapper back in 2012, where he made a comment about Eminem’s daughter Hailie.

Read the lyrics below:

“But next time you don’t gotta use Tech N9ne. If you wanna come at me with a sub-machine gun.
And I’m talkin’ to you, but you already know who the fuck you are, Kelly.
I don’t use sublims and sure as fuck don’t sneak-diss
But keep commentin’ on my daughter Hailie.”

After the surprise drop of Em's track, Machine Gun Kelly decidedly waited a couple of days to formulate his response...and what a response it was.

Changing his Twitter bio to “fuck rap god I’m the rap devil,” the rapper then shared a link to his new track “Rap Devil,” a track dedicated to the Rap God himself, Eminem.

Listen to “Rap Devil” below:

Then, after posting the track, MGK brought the “Rap Devil” to Em’s home state of Michigan. Before the song began, MGK could be heard saying:

“This is not a battle between Michigan and Ohio. This is a battle between the past and the motherfucking future. Knees weak of old age! The real Slim Shady can’t stand up!”

While this seems to be an ongoing battle between the two rappers, Eminem recently addressed the growing feud with MGK during an interview with Sway Calloway, where he addressed “this fucking weird thing” with MGK.

“The reason I dissed him is actually a lot more petty than that. The reason that I dissed him is because he got on—first he said ‘I’m the greatest rapper alive since my favorite rapper banned me from Shade 45’ or whatever he said, right? Like I’m trying to hinder his career. I don’t give a fuck about your career. You think I actually fucking think about you? You know how many fucking rappers are better than you? You’re not even in the fucking conversation.”

Who do you think is currently winning this rap battle? What do you think we can expect from MGK’s new EP? Do you thin Eminem will actually respond? Sound off in the comments below!