Just when you thought all of the Machine Gun Kelly drama had died down, the Cleveland rapper is back with a fiery music video for his song “GTS.” Check out the new video below.

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Much like its acronym suggests, “GTS” stands for “Going Through Shit” and is about how MGK has been dealing with his trauma. Turning to drug use as a way to cope with his problems, the song follows MGK on his self-medicating solution.

Needless to say, we are a little bit worried. With other drug-related deaths and close calls this past year, this is certainly something we don’t want to see MGK involved in.

Directed by Jordan Wozy, the video for “GTS” is here and you can watch it below. From the Binge EP, “GTS” finally has some urgent visuals to match the song’s alarming lyrical content.

Last month, the drama between Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem was on the rise. After releasing diss track after diss track, fans of the two rappers have found themselves in a constant battle over which one is superior.

Following Eminem’s LP containing jabs at MGK over past tweets, the young rapper released his diss track “Rap Devil.” Eminem quickly swung back at MGK, releasing “Killshot,” the biggest rap debut on Youtube, which garnered over 38.1 million views in the first 24 hours. The drama continued to unfold as other celebrities hopped in on the feud, finally cultivating the rappers’ beef into its final form… Maybe. We wouldn’t be surprised over anything at this point.

The Binge EP is available now and you can stream it here.

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