Machine Gun Kelly released a trippy clip for his new track “LATELY” taken from Binge, the rapper’s EP that dropped earlier today.

The track joins previous videos from the EP “LOCO” and “Rap Devil,” the latter of which is part of the ever evolving rap battle between MGK and Eminem.

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“LATELY” is produced by Ronny J (aka Ronald Spence Jr.) who also has a credit on “Rap Devil” and Eminem's original MGK diss “Not Alike,” making him the producer of both diss tracks.

The video is credited as being shot by MGK with editing by frequent collaborator Jordan Wozy. You can check it out below.

MGK has had a wild past month—to say the least. The Cleveland rapper has been embroiled in a feud with Eminem and G-Eazy and while the latter has somewhat dropped off from the conversation, MGK and Em have been exchanging shots for nearly a month.

It’s been more than a year since MGK’s third full-length bloom dropped. The rapper has since delivered a handful of bonus tracks (“The Break Up,” “Habits”), a soundtrack addition (“Home” featuring X Ambassadors and Bebe Rexha) and several feature appearances.

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Most recently he dropped single “Loco” (with an insane video featuring Pete Davidson) and of course “Rap Devil,” both of which appear on Binge EP, the first official release we’ve seen since 2017.

MGK has been hinting at the release of new music for weeks. The rapper posted on Instagram in January, stating the name of his next album was a clue in the photo. MGK hasn’t confirmed whether or not the photo is referring to Binge or if we still have some guessing to do, but the hint certainly got fans stoked for new tunes.

However, in August, the rapper played at Billboard’s Hot 100 Festival where he cut an interview short citing a desire to let his music speak for him.

“I don’t wanna talk about this,” he says. “I’ve done this so many times, dude, I don’t wanna do an interview, man. I wanna let my music speak for me. I don’t have shit to say. I’ve been saying shit for years, dude. Listen to my fucking songs.”

The interviewer attempts to get MGK to continue talking by telling him, “Listen, we’re so excited for your music in 2019” to which the rapper cuts her off by saying, “Thank you, [20]18.” He also took to Twitter to expand on the moment.

Just over a week later, MGK kicked off his opening slot for Fall Out Boy’s M A N I A tour where he released a new line of merch emblazoned with the word “Binge,” and the rapper and his band all temporarily changed their profile photos to the logo.


???? first day of tour x new merch. #MANIAtour #BINGE

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MGK continued to drop hints by tweeting the word a few days later.

Eminem surprise-released his Kamikaze LP the following day, Aug. 31, taking aim at MGK (among others) in his track “Not Alike” where he brings up comments the former made about his daughter in 2012.

G-Eazy chimed in almost immediately after Em with “Bad Boy” in what was assumed to be a response to MGK’s Funk Flex freestyle earlier that week.

MGK responded to G-Eazy on social media that same day and Eminem with the release of “Rap Devil” Sept. 3. Kells performed the track in Eminem’s home state and it later hit No. 1 on iTunes.

After teasing he was back in the studio and declaring he ”want[s] to destroy him,” Eminem most recently fired back with “Killshot” on Sept. 14. The track ended up having the biggest rap debut in YouTube history.

That same day, MGK finally revealed what “binge” was all about by revealing the EP would drop Sept. 21.

Two days later, MGK took to Instagram to say Em “missed” with his supposed killshot. The below image later sparked controversy as a Billboard article reported Fall Out Boy fans were misled when taking the middle finger photo and unaware of MGK’s shirt. The same show produced a video of Kells performing “Rap Devil,” which was later discovered to be heavily edited to make viewers believe the audience was booing.

Most recently, MGK went on the Breakfast Club where he discussed the edited video, the beef with Eminem, what happened with G-Eazy and more.

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