Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson have appeared in a handful of films together, with the most recent Big Time Adolescence hitting Hulu earlier than expected this month. In celebration, we’re taking a look at the duo’s most iconic moments.

What started as crossing paths on one of the two times MGK was on MTV’s Wild 'n Out has blossomed into a full-blown bromance. Relive the hilarious and heartwarming moments below.

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1. When Davidson revealed MGK’s biggest turn on

Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly constantly remind us that they truly are friendship goals. But when Davidson revealed how he would “wine and dine,” saying, “If I was to take Colson on a date, I would wear open-toed pumps ’cause my man likes feet,” these two took it to a whole new level. Davidson made it well known that he knows “his boy,” and fans will never let MGK live it down.

2. When Davidson cameos in his music videos

Back in the summer of 2018, Machine Gun Kelly joined Davidson in Syracuse to film some scenes for Big Time Adolescence. The duo proved they were quite the role models on and off screen by living it up around town in the “LOCO” music video, a track which later landed on the BINGE EP. The cameos didn’t stop there as Davidson popped up as the advice-dishing pharmacist for Hotel Diablo track “Candy” alongside Trippie Redd

3. When Davidson road-tripped to EST Fest with the Big Time Adolescence cast…

Despite having a busy filming schedule for their now-released film Big Time Adolescence, the cast and crew took a little road trip to support castmate MGK. “I think we’re all just really good friends, and yeah, this is work. But at the end of the day, we’re all just happy to see each other,” Kells said of the surprise cast visit. We have a sneaking suspicion that Davidson was the mastermind behind the impromptu trip, but we’re glad he cooked it up.

4. ...and they sang “LOCO” and the “F.U.N.” song together

Machine Gun Kelly gave “LOCO” its live debut at EST Fest in 2018 just one day after releasing the music video featuring Davidson. Near the end of his set, MGK played the track again, bringing out his BFF to assist. As the song came to a close, the duo seamlessly transitioned into singing the “F.U.N.” song from SpongeBob SquarePants. Random? Yes. Legendary? Absolutely.

5. Blueberry pancakes sing-along
Right around the same time The Dirt was released to Netflix starring both Kells and Davidson, the two were absolutely inseparable. Much like what Tommy Lee orders at a diner in the beginning of the film, MGK and Davidson celebrated the release with their own version of “Kickstart My Heart,” singing, “Whoa, yeah, Cas is making pancakes for her dad. Whoa, yeah, blueberry!” These are friendship goals, people.
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6. Billie Eilish sing-along

Billie Eilish is inspiring the youth, breaking records and soundtracking countless car sing-alongs in the process. MGK and Davidson are no exception to the latter as the rapper showed off in a since-deleted Instagram post. With Davidson driving, the duo are joined by the musician’s daughter Casie as “you should see me in a crown” blasts through the speakers for the ultimate drive performance.

7. MGK shouts Davidson out in a track…

In the months leading up to the release of MGK’s fourth full-length, Hotel Diablo, the musician shared demos with Davidson. The comedian couldn’t help himself with teasing fans before deleting his Instagram, sharing a snippet of “Roulette” once or twice. Before that, a snippet of “Glass House” made its way online in a video of Davidson in the back of a car. In it, Kells raps, “I’m like Stevie, I can’t see these folks/And they even got my homie Pete out here like ‘Fuck the jokes.’” Hours after the track surfaced, another one of MGK’s close friends Nipsey Hussle passed away, leading to a lyric change, dropping Stevie Wonder for “This shit ugly, I was just with Nipsey, now he ghost” but maintaining that Davidson shout.

8. ...and Davidson becomes The Count

“Dracula, is that you?” Clocking in at only 37 seconds, MGK let Davidson take up an entire track slot on Hotel Diablo. We’re not entirely sure why, but we love it regardless. Who doesn’t want to channel their inner Dracula every once in a while? Davidson’s rendition will live on forever through “A Message From The Count” just like Dracula.

9. When they made a bet and MGK had to do stand-up

While Davidson’s had his fair share of onstage appearances at MGK’s shows, it wasn’t until losing a bet that the rapper tried his hand at stand-up. Davidson was set to perform at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank, California, last spring with a five-minute set from a “surprise celebrity guest“ as part of the lineup. MGK was said special guest and landed the gig just by losing a bet that he wouldn’t take off his shirt at his birthday party earlier that month. He ended up stripping down and in turn suiting up to try to make a sold-out crowd laugh.

10. When MGK said he watches all of Davidson’s skits…

While promoting Mötley Crüe biopic The Dirt in which Kells portrays Tommy Lee and Davidson the band’s A&R exec Tom Zutaut, the duo found themselves playing plenty of question-related games. They hit Vanity Fair where they agreed to grill each other while hooked up to a lie detector. MGK was questioned on whether he thought Davidson could be a “good rapper,” if Larry The Cable Guy is more funny than him and more. The comedian asks him if he tunes into SNL each week, and he assures him he watches all of his parts, but he can’t have his back on being the most hilarious cast member.

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11. ...and Davidson shouted him out (more than once)

The duo always has each other’s back, which includes shout-outs whenever possible. Davidson does this regularly including on Saturday Night Live. In fall 2018, Kid Cudi hit SNL to perform with Kanye West, appearing in a brief skit opposite Kyle Mooney and Davidson. The latter can be seen sporting an MGK hoodie, and the rapper later revealed that the skit is one of his faves. The on-screen nods didn’t stop there though as the comedian gave a not-so-silent shout to the rapper this past summer. Utilizing his brodude character Chad in a cut skit with Adam Sandler, Davidson includes the rapper in his wish list of people he’d like to meet. A few months later, Davidson came in clutch yet again, promoting his bud’s then upcoming LP Hotel Diablo while chatting up Mortal Kombat 11 on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

12. They have matching tattoos

Proving both dedication to their craft and trust in each other, MGK actually inked Davidson for a scene in Big Time Adolescence. The tattoo love didn’t stop there though as Davidson joined the club in getting a “XX” tattoo behind his ear, the same place Kells has his. Regularly referred to as the family crest, the tattoo is shared among MGK’s band and crew, representing their bond and connection to EST.

13. Golden Globes

Who needs a date for the Golden Globes when you have your best friend? Davidson and Kells easily could have found dates for the event’s after parties, but instead they choose to go together in true best friend style. And no, Davidson did not wine and dine MGK with open-toed pumps that evening.

14. Davidson saying he was dressed like Colson

In the most adorable way possible, Davidson and MGK always end up giving each other shout-outs when working on various segments and press, even when they’re not together. When Davidson appeared on Tan France’s and Netflix’s YouTube series Dressing Funny, France asked Davidson to try on a turtleneck sweater, suit and boots, a 180 to his daily attire. The outfit selection was meant to be “Mulaney time,” referencing another one of Davidson’s close friends, comedian John Mulaney. After getting dressed, Davidson said, “I look exactly like Colson,” referring to MGK’s style rather than Mulaney’s. Although only a subtle mention, it’s clear that these two have a strong bond even when they’re apart from one another.

15. Davidson using “Glass House” in his stand-up

Davidson always finds a way to give his BFF subtle nods even when they’re not together. His debut Netflix stand-up special, Alive From New York, may have heavily focused on his BDE thanks to Ariana Grande, but he made sure that MGK was a part of his big moment. Davidson ended his special with a photo slide featuring the Big Time Adolescence cast, Mulaney and, of course, MGK. Davidson cuts back into the special for one more story about his father before rolling the credits with Hotel Diablo single “Glass House” playing.