As Eminem FINALLY dropped the highly anticipated response to Machine Gun Kelly's diss track, everyone's eyes shifted to MGK as we waited to see his response over Em's "Killshot."

Not only has MGK responded, but he's also announced an EP. Let the feud continue!

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While MGK's "Rap Devil" diss track began climbing the charts on iTunes, the world sat by waiting for Eminem to respond with a diss track of his own.

His response came yesterday in the track "Killshot" where Em calls out MGK and addresses his "attempted" diss track.

If you haven't heard it already, check out Eminem's "Killshot" below:

Even G-Eazy got in on it all, taking to Instagram shortly after the track dropped to share a picture of him and Em with the caption being a line from MGK's "Rap Devil."

All eyes were on MGK's social media after Em's track dropped, waiting and wondering what the Cleveland rapper would say in response.

MGK took to Twitter a few hours later, seemingly unphased by the "Killshot" and referring to the track as more of a "legshot."

But that wasn't all, MGK sent a second tweet just two minutes later announcing his EP Binge that would be dropping September 21.

Could this EP contain more diss tracks?

One thing is for sure, it looks like this rapper feud isn't ending anytime soon.

Who do you think is currently winning this rap battle? What do you think we can expect from MGK's new EP? Sound off in the comments below!