The saga of Machine Gun Kelly's formerly rock, now pop-punk album continues. Yesterday, the musician shared a clip of a meeting with Interscope Records. The album's producer, better known as blink-182's drummer Travis Barker also posted the clip.

We learned last week that the upcoming album is called Tickets To My Downfall and features a score of talent.

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MGK and Barker previously worked together alongside YUNGBLUD on Hotel Diablo track “I Think I’m OKAY.” Embracing that chemistry once again, MGK revealed the vocalist will return for this album.

Kelly also revealed other previous collaborators blackbear, Trippie Redd and Young Thug will be joining him on the new project. MGK didn’t stop there, though, stating his wish list of collabs included Attila frontman Fronz and the Used vocalist Bert McCracken. Well, earlier in the week Machine Gun Kelly got one wish granted in the form of McCracken. The footage was shared of him in the studio killing it.

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With all this news, fans were wondering when we would be getting the much-anticipated album. MGK answered that question saying it will hit in early 2020 between January and March. Now, it seems Machine Gun Kelly is serious about that claim.

Yesterday, we saw a clip of MGK at Interscope Records dancing on a table while playing what should be assumed is a clip of Tickets To My Downfall. The Cleveland-born rapper can't help but get down, so you know it has to be good. The clip of the song we hear says "Damn!/I saw you walk in the room and I tried my best." Whether that is his best Bugs Bunny impression or something more serious we'll find out soon. Watch the video below.

The clip sounds incredibly punchy and spirited, reminiscent of the pop-punk of yore.

Travis Barker also shared the video with a sweet caption.

@interscope will never be the same @machinegunkelly #ticketstomydownfall 

It seems Kelly is all in on Tickets To My Downfall which is a great sign. Late last night, he shared that he got the album title tattoos at the base of his neck. Check it out below.


As stated, Tickets To My Downfall is expected sometime in the first quarter of 2020. We really hope it's sooner rather than later because we are not okay with all of these teases.

Tell us how excited you are for Tickets To My Downfall in the comments below!

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