On Friday, Machine Gun Kelly released his highly-anticipated new album Tickets To My Downfall.

Now, MGK and blink-182's Travis Barker, who produced the album, are opening up on how their collab with Halsey on "forget me too" came to be.

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Tickets To My Downfall includes collabs with Halsey, Trippie Redd, iann dior and, of course, blackbear on the chart-topping single "my ex's best friend."

Even though Halsey was only confirmed to be on the album earlier this month, fans have been waiting quite some time for the new collab. Back in June, the collaboration was first speculated back when the song was registered to Halsey’s BMI page.

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Barker and Machine Gun Kelly were recently interviewed by Zane Lowe for Apple Music. During the interview, MGK reveals that it only took Halsey "minutes" to write her verse in "forget me too."

"It took her five minutes to write that verse, I could tell you that much," he says. "She was in it. That was the quickest feature session I've ever had in my life."

He further shares that after some slight changes to the verse's tone, it didn't take Halsey long to record her part.

"She came in and I have on-camera the moment when she tried to do a low tone," he says. "'I've wasted so much time.' And we were all like, 'Okay, sick, this is dope.' And then the next take, she was like, 'Let me try it higher. I wasted so much...' Dude, we all were like, 'What was that? That's it. Do that, do that.' It was so good dude. So good. She might have one-taked it, dude. Shit, it was crazy."

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Barker recalls sending the track to Halsey one evening. The next day, she came into the studio and had her verse recorded in "maybe 10 minutes."

"She pretty much did," Barker says. "She was in the booth maybe 10 minutes. I think we knew. And then we were working on this up-tempo song and I was like, 'Yo, this is the song we should put Halsey on.' Or whatever. And I think you sent it to her that night. The next day she came in, was in the booth 10, 15 minutes tops and the song was finished."

For MGK, he thinks it was almost by chance that Halsey ended up on "forget me too."

"Bro, I almost felt like she was randomly passing your studio when I called her," MGK says. "Because remember, she pulled up in 30 seconds. She was there in 30 seconds. So I think we were really lucky, man."

Following the album's release, Halsey shared a throwback photo with Machine Gun Kelly and opened up about their friendship.

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"I know it may seem impossible that we haven’t already done a song together, because we have been friends since the dawn of time," she says. "Believe me. It’s crazy even to us that it took so long to do it. Just seems like it’s a meant to be type of thing. And now it is. Here. And fucking SICK. I’m so proud of your reinvention Colson. You’ve always been a rockstar in everything you’ve done whether it’s acting, modeling, being an amazing father, or exploring other genres. But now you have a whole entire album full of songs that reinforce what we already know. YOU’RE PUNK AS FUCK, KID!!!!!!! Congrats!"

Machine Gun Kelly is celebrating Tickets To My Downfall's release on Oct. 1 with a virtual concert. For the event, he is taking over the Roxy in Hollywood and performing the entire album in full. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here.

For those of you that can't get enough of Tickets To My Downfall, here are 17 other MGK songs that rock just as hard.

"forget me too" is available to stream below.

Is "forget me too" your favorite song off of Tickets To My Downfall? Let us know in the comments below.