[Photo by: Ryan Watanabe]

John Varvatos is a fashion-forward creator who credits his early obsession with rock music as the "catalyst for his interest in fashion." On the verge of launching his 2017 Fall/Winter campaign, Varvatos has announced the new face of his campaign as the one and only Machine Gun Kelly.

Check out their awesome announcement video and why Varvatos chose MGK below.

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The brand is set to feature Machine Gun Kelly as the face of it's unique vintage and original style for their 2017 Fall/Winter collection. Varvatos credits music as the inspiration behind the work on his first collection stating that it "becomes a unifying theme in his design."

The announcement came witth the following post on John Varvatos' website.

"We are proud to announce Machine Gun Kelly as the face of the brand's Fall/Winter 2017 campaign. The vivid portrait of today's modern renaissance man, the musician/rapper/actor established an instant connection with John Varvatos - mused over shared musical perceptions, street-born ideals and demand-to-be-witnessed ambitions. In striking black and white imagery and video, the campaign presents the brand's evolution at the helm of one of music's most progressive new artists. As MGK inflicts the world with his dimensionally-talented guise, this series triumphs a blend of earnest growth and defiant sartorial standars - creating a fresh mix of nostalgia with a strong sense of the present."

John Varvatos says, "I've followed Machine Gun Kelly's career as he's risen from the streets of Cleveand to an international star. Not only has his music evolved but so has he. Our shared passion for music, mid-western roots, and living life with a rebel spirit has bonded us in friendship."

You can view the campaign video featuring MGK below.

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