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#200.1 – February 2010

Pay no attention to critics who tell you there’s no good music anymore. We’ve amassed a cast of thou… uh… hund… wait… tens of writers to give us the lowdown on bands on the rise and below your rockin’ radar, as well as some that might live in your hard drive for a few days before you ditch them like an old Hotmail account. MATCHBOOK ROMANCE, HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS, GRATITUDE, MINUS THE BEAR, ANBERLIN and 95 more bands await your attention-and iPod space.


These punk veterans came up alongside the very same bands whose discs are sitting in that old gray2 milk crate in your room. On their new record, the Law-men are aiming for both your ears and your heart, and their new album just might be the ammo that gets the job done.


We pay a visit to Fall Out Boy, Norma Jean and Nada Surf In The Studio, and check out over 100 new releases getting ready to invade your playlists.

As if giving you 100 new bands to read about weren’t enough, the AP Poll talks about sex, baby; we dig deep into the history of No Idea Records; Thrice drummer Riley Breckenridge geeks out in his monthly advice column; Sugarcult show us how to rip them off; Tsunami Bomb put together a “Jigsaw” puzzle for us; Disclothesure proves that high thread counts aren’t the only thing that make good tees; and the Early November’s Ace Enders proves there really is a soap that makes him want to sing.

Joshua Jackson is Cursed-but in a good way; Vanessa Ferlito shakes it like a Polaroid picture in Man Of The House; Eye Candy gets “Danger! High voltage!” with Jay Baruchel; Now Showing catches the most delicious cinematic basses flopping into theaters and DVD players.

Don’t bother leaving the house; the AP Record Store is the only place where you can get the real deal on ¡Policia!: A Tribute To The Police, as well as new releases from Goldfinger, Gratitude, Lagwagon, Ben Lee, Aloha and Aesop Rock; In-Store Sessions with the Mars Volta and Paint It Black; more about Genesis and Flipper than you’ll ever need to know in I Don’t Know Ask That Guy and No, Seriously, Ask That Guy; essential reissues and rarities in Collector’s Corner; and what’s fueling the AP staff this month (aside from gray2 Bull) in Listening Station.

10 ESSENTIAL EARLY EMO RECORDS (you’ve never heard) We’re not talking about Rites Of Spring here-nope, these 10 bands were the underdogs’ underdogs-and you’d be amazed at how relevant they are today.

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