Los Angeles-based Maggie Andrew is a pop singer on the rise who had one of her dreams come true by collaborating with blackbear, best known for his work on "hot girl bummer" and his feature on "Monsters" with All Time Low. Andrew is exclusively premiering her collaboration "Sleep 4Ever" ahead of her Feb. 12 video release.

The dreamy and synth-laden track was originally released in 2019, but with the help of her  brother and fellow musician Trouble Andrew, the song found its way to blackbear, who couldn't deny the opportunity to write a verse.

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We caught up with the up-and-coming artist to see just how this insane collaboration finally came together, the meaning behind the track and more. Check out the full interview and brand-new version of "Sleep 4Ever" below.

What drew you to choose blackbear for this particular project, and how did his part enhance “Sleep 4Ever” as a whole? How did you reach out and make this collaboration happen?

To be honest, I didn't really "choose" him, per se. It all just fell into place, and I was in the right place at the right time. bear had originally heard the song back in 2019 when I released the solo version, and he reached out to my older brother Trouble Andrew and had said he liked the song. There was slight talk about the collaboration in 2019, but it was nothing too serious or set in stone—as you know, life pre-pandemic was pretty busy. However, when COVID happened, things started to slow down, and the conversation had opened up again, and we revisited the song with an open verse. As soon as bear sent it back, we knew it was go-time. I definitely have to give huge props to my big brother Trevor for introducing us and helping this happen. I couldn't have done it without him. Dreams really do come true!

How did you contribute to the songwriting and creative process? How did you bring your unique life experiences to the table to create a cohesive lyrical narrative and soundscape?
I first worked on this song with a good friend of mine, Ash Riser. It was one of the first songs we'd ever worked on together. Ash had actually previously written this song, and he had been sitting on it for a while. He showed it to me, and we instantly knew it was meant for me. With a little work and the help of producers Isaiah Vest and Rob Bressler, we flipped the sound of the song to better suit my vibe and personality. It basically became a chill, melancholy pop song, if that makes sense. I've never really heard anything like it before. I really just fell in love with the song the more we kept writing and working on it. The song is about thinking of an old lover you may have fallen out of love with, but you could just sleep forever and dream about them. It's a sad song, a heartbreak bop if you will. bear came in like a lyrical genius and knocked this shit out of the park, and instantly I was obsessed. We all know bear is iconic for a heartbreak anthem.
What was the most daunting part when recording and finalizing the single? What was the most surprising or simplest part of the process?

I wouldn't really say daunting. COVID happened, and we were working on this song at the very beginning of it, trying to adjust to not being able to go to the studio and be with people in person anymore. Everything became over the phone or on a laptop looking at a screen, sending emails or talking on Zoom. So it was a new way of working, which I think took a little bit longer. So during this time, I was impatient because I really just wanted to hear the finished product, but the wait was totally worth it. Surprisingly though, the simplest part of this single was completing the actual song. The more complicated stuff came after, especially choosing the artwork.

How do you hope listeners receive the song, and what do you hope they garner from your lyrics? What can we expect in 2021 and beyond from your music? Do you have any other dream collaborators you hope to team up with?
Honestly, I hope people take it however they do. Everyone interprets lyrics differently, and songs can mean different things to everyone. I'm not here to tell people how to understand my music. That's all perceptive. With that being said, I absolutely do hope they love it, and I hope it makes them feel something. Definitely hoping it gets the listeners excited for what else I have coming this year. I don't want to say too much about it right now, but I have some very big things coming that I've been working on for a while now, pulling sounds from many genres but building an intriguing and cohesive sound.
For people I'd love to work with, people get added to the list every day. Honestly, Mac Miller was a huge inspiration to me and was at the top of my "dream list" since I was 14. I would love to work with Hilary Duff. [Her] Most Wanted tour [in] 2005 took my concert virginity. I've been obsessed ever since. I'd really love to work with Jack Harlow, [too].
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